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That take that Hageman. Did they bury Larry Hagman just a giant hat he demanded it. They find the cave and the Gargoyles at when He. Bernie Casey is up there kinda mounted in front of them until you know. Ordering them to attack. Yeah is laughing like a maniac are like kind of screaming. There is probably fifteen gargoyles they're in costume. Standing at the mouth of the cave. The we've never seen there's been like three of them. Like one of them's dead They're really ineffectual. They killed buddy in an old lady. But. Then when they're confronted with these guys that one guy that just kind of putting. He's dead. I guess we're meant to think that they were like really like digging their claws in, but they really vary basically just like kind of rubbing him. Home. But that one does that like straight legged like jump up onto the Bronco Hood. House. Pretty cool. It's pretty cool. Our friend Jj Var now could do that. He could jump up onto the roof of his car from just standing strict that the natural. And now. There are goal riding a horse. There's a gargoyles that looks like a has a praying mantis head. Yes. I saw that I actually liked that but that's really like, okay, guys we're getting to the bottom of. The makeup box. We're just GONNA put some old like. Motorcycle Goggles, and spray paint your head green when they start launching themselves off the little trampolines. Over pretty. Cool. Fun also earlier when they were in that big scene with the kind of matronly one and she's still talking to name that one hatches you know yes and they pull a straight up kid out there you know. Mean I'm sure it's a little boy. It did not look like a little person. You know what? I mean? No. No it looked like a young child. Yes and I'm like man that kid had all that makeup on. Shirley they were like. Maybe. You know like breaking a couple of like. Child labor laws or something I didn't see him credited in the movie at all. Yeah. Because he's dead. Like I said in the seventies, it was like acceptable losses if you could. Just write them off the script. Yeah. So the big attack from the Gargoyles and Cornell Wilde is just an ace with a shotgun. Yeah. He is blowing him back and forth one of them. Freakin GIS tackles just clips him. I saw that as it runs by gave him a shoulder check or something like they're playing field hockey. But again, Cornell Wilde is a demon all adjust. He's probably killed many demons right someone. Does so Bernie Casey comes up at the end of it riding a horse and yeah. Even. I guess the shotgun was empty 'cause cornell was just going to use it as a bat to swing at Adam. That's their..

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