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Best buy dot com Best Buy What comes next for forward. It's doing what we've done for over a century. Building and facing any problems with integrity, empathy on the strength to outlast them. Ford will always pivot to do the right thing. And to build for who and what matter most community built for America built Ford proud. Timeto break up with disappointing breakfast and make it your ex fist because Wendy's has your new breakfast, love. We're talking the hand cracked egg on every sandwich always crispy oven baked bacon all coming together to make the breakfast bacon ater. That's right. A bacon ater for breakfast, so go tell the world You're with Windies Breakfast now and hurry into Windies for the breakfast of your dreams. Today, Way got you participating us when he's facing Al Ds Brooks Serious record label Bowman Cody Allen on the big 98 making eyes at me their sons to brown skies, two beers too cold to be thinking about. Wanna take this hard body Tuck it away. Same for rainy day? Yeah, The music's too good friends are all out there all to how to be bringing them down. If they asked about you, I got nothing to say. I'll say full rainy days. Yeah, I think they'll be planning a time for oneness. Unwise and how I let you get away. But lying in bed all stuck in my head. Just gonna have to wait. Call the sons to Brad's guys to blue fears too cold to be thinking about you gonna take this heartbreak and took it away. Same coloring. Gather music to my friends are all out there all to how to be bringing down but they asked about. You got nothing to say. I'll say with full rainy day gonna say this hungry Tuck it away save for a rainy day. Same for me again..

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