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Now. And you know, Nancy Pelosi is another one Chuck Schumer Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker. Senator Kamala Arana, they're doing a great job. I mean, you could not have asked for better opposition than that group. It looks like a bar scene from Star Wars whenever they get together. It's incredible to watch throwing throwing the war hero Blumenthal talk. A little bit about coons. It's a wonderful scene. Put them together put them in Star Wars put him in a bar scene. That's the group you wanna posing. You Trump has been so blessed to run during a time against Hillary Clinton. Who's a prevaricate or Liron enabler and worse a crook. And then likely his next opponent might be Cory Booker with those crazy eyes or Kamala Harris, who's a functioning babbling idiot or possibly Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas. I mean, can you imagine running the country being turned over to them and giving Nancy Pelosi the house giving Chuck Schumer and dick Durbin, the Senate imagine that imagine the status of this country. Imagine where we would be at this point. Are you kidding me? Unbelievable. It's the best. Trump is so blessed to have what he has how he hasn't been worry has it. So watching that hearing how good the Democrats make molar of a fool of themselves than they did demanding no due process rights, in fact, Blumenthal, and others who was the attorney general the Vietnam war hero. Talked about the fact that judge Cavanaugh I sitting United States court of appeals judge does not have the presumption of innocence. Doesn't have it at all. In fact, once the allegation is made that is tantamount to conviction. Even Michael Evan mentioned, Joey sweat, Nick after take them as completely accurate and having asked for a one week delay. Then when the FBI supplemented for seventeen minutes report. They found that the nine witnesses interviewed by the FBI over the last five or six days until Thursday night. We're kind of not enough they had another list of twenty five more. And once they were interviewed, there'd be forty more. And after that four hundred more it would never stop because it's all about running out the clock taking control the Senate on November the sixth. That's what it's all about. It's not about fairness or determining whether or not, you know, Cavanaugh is a Romney slash Bush Republican. He's not an Amy Komi Coney Barrett. Or judge threw par. I have a sense that Kavanagh's going to be a conservative maybe along the lines of an Anthony Kennedy because. That says what is your one when Susan Collins one Saturday yesterday and spent all that time at three o'clock running over his opinions. It looked to me like a pretty moderate Republican. Why was selected? I'm not sure. But once it came out with his wife and his daughters and the girls basketball team, then the vicious lies perpetrated upon him. By the Senate, mother major media. I got on his side completely one hundred percent and the poor guy will not be able to coach girls basketball anymore nor teach at Harvard. A lot of his life has done not because there is truthful information or corroborated information. In fact, it was shown to be false. It's because the allegations the title nine proceedings were held in the US out. It clearly demonstrated that professor Ford was factually wrong in every major point that she had including the fact that she was afraid to fly, including the facts, you put a second front door in her house, including the fact that there were four witnesses that would corroborate her story, including our best girlfriend. Not an MD everything fell apart every part of it. And when her boyfriend came out and laid out in an affidavit to the Senate how many times now professor Ford lied. It was downplayed completely, of course, by the Washington Post, the New York Times and the mainstream media because it didn't fit. This was all about destroying Brad Kavanagh personally to send a message to other Trump nominees. This is what waits for you, Amy Coney Barrett. J- judge third par of the six circuit US court of appeals this just a judge hardness what waits for you? And so it was about frightening and scaring, the next nominee Ruth, Bader Ginsburg lives, a long life off the supreme court, but YouTube video a couple of months old she couldn't identify the fourteenth amendment. What it was what it said. I mean, she's obviously at the age of eighty six losing it. But she wants to stick it out for the next two years hoping the democrat wins in twenty twenty which I predict tonight's not going to happen. Continue continuing your calls. We have caused some Chicago Indianapolis, New Hampshire, Nevada, Delaware,.

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