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Was more acceptable for the girls. Girls were more likely to identify as bisexual Pan Sexual To be interested in going out with translator. Trans Girls Boys still felt pre-tape boxed me less so a little bit but I think that had moved a lot less okay. Because that's what I saw. Yeah and what impact is that having on the conventional definitions of masculinity and the roles? Everyone's playing you know. I did look at transpose. To agree not not like hugely. But Did Stephanie. Part of the book and it was. I mean. They're not as one guy said you know we're not sent down like angels from Heaven to Change Your Masculinity we exists. Yeah Yeah And some of them just wanted to be the most conventional of guys but sometimes they pushed guy other guys to not like question you know whether they were really men or anything like that. To sort of broaden their ideas what does it actually mean to be mailed? What does it actually mean to be a man? What does it actually mean to engage in these things and that guy in particular would talk about? He's said a Lotta sense like well you know. That's not my masculinity or he talked about it like this dynamic thing he was building. That is so interesting I never heard any other guy. I never heard like a we would now call a straight guy right say well. That's not my masculinity and I thought what an interesting way of looking at it that was looking at masculinity is something that you're creating kind of in making decisions about and this is my masculinity but that over there That's not the kind of fascinating night. Just wonder if now that there are. There's more acceptance of gay men and their as you say holding offices in Student Council and they're you know not running for president running for president and not relegated to the fringes of school if that is somehow encouraging going like wait. If that's the worst thing I can be in. Everyone likes this guy like can I move closer to the you know what I'm saying? I would hope that is happening. Some communities that you know near conventional peanuts toting guy was friends with a straight guy with had they would have gay friends transplants. But there was like I think there was a quota in their head. A little bit like thinking in this many trans and gay friends. You have too many them like you know. Start TO MIT than they may be. Start will be people will question. It was like weird you know was that you could slice it but I did see that the fraternity guys that I talked to. They had one guy who was like you know big ten school really Midwest Dude. They had a transplant there in their frat. Oh no kidding. Yeah and that really he said if I ever. It is Not so sure about this. But that over time you know they they were accepting and that that had broadened their idea of what masculinity was to. It did have kind of a good effect again. Like I said transplant Not really my job right right right Nor is it now? How about pornography? So how when we? Yeah when we talk about why. Us Idiot guys. Have this notion of like big Dick and lasts a long time. Because that's what you're seeing porno right. You're not seeing the guy's not clearly stimulating the girls. He's having sex with ninety nine percent of the time in a porno. Yeah if that's a never been more accessible ever history of the world and if that's the only version of sex scene and this is the default sex educator yes now. That's a huge problem. There's there's a lot of racial politics at play. Important black guys penises or black women not being present or only certain kind of black bodies or how Asian women are depicted. I mean all kinds of race stuff in porn and I would ask what is about that all the time like. How do you deal with the racism and they go? What what these guys who would see racism like in their normal lives. Of course they would. They were very aware but it was like they left. That's there's like you leave so much the door when you start looking through the porno videos that that is just one more thing even at the door. But it's another thing that's affecting you. You're just not acknowledging that it's there reading Missoula the Jon Krakauer bug in one of the cases was this you know to again blackout drunk people. This guy's start digitally penetrating this girl in Cheese. Like kind of coming in and out and then she says stop and he says No. I'm GonNa make you score in this boys a virgin. He doesn't know he thinks his job is in a sexual experiences. Then make someone score. That's what he's been led to believe is the norm or the high water mark of proficiency in bed. Yeah and that's why I know. And that's that is why we can't we? GotTa Talk to you. Know to to ignore what boys are absorbing in girls too because girls look at look at it more like a manual for what guys want right but if we're ignoring because it's it's really different and you have to. I mean I always like to frame this saying curiosity about sex's normal You know. Masturbation gay no good everybody and you know. There's all kinds of different porn and a lot of some people. Consider some form porn to be feminist corner ethical porn or whatever it is A.

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