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System. Another man is accused of using the money. He got to buy expensive cars. Peter King, CBS News Orlando and effective Right now, more than seven million Americans and some 300,000 in Massachusetts are no longer receiving federal unemployment. Assistance checks. It is 6 18 and the gorgeous start to the day here in Boston. Clear skies 66 in the city. A local man is now charged in connection with a decades old cold case here in Boston. The story from WBZ Suzanne Saws ville. He's well known to law enforcement. In fact, Richard Vega is considered a sexually dangerous person, and he's been civilly committed since 2008. That's when his prison term for 1987 rape and Revere was ending. A grand jury has now indicted Vega for murder in the case of Judi Chamberlin. She was found dead in the basement of a building on D Street in the seaport in July, 1988 she had been sexually assaulted and strangled. Vega was identified as a suspect in the case through DNA evidence in 2011, but prosecutors said they needed more evidence. Through the Suffolk County D. A s project for unself Suffolk homicides. They apparently got that evidence. Vegas expected to be arraigned for murder later this month. Suzanne Saz Ville, WBC Boston's news radio and absolutely horrifying Discovery. Hannah North Shore Beach This weekend to Revere Man will be in court. He'll face animal cruelty charges after police say he tied a dog. To a steel pole and left it to the mercy of the high tide and revere officials say they found the animal in the nick of time rescued at the pit bull mix is now in the care of a local kennel. Elia's Pacheco Osario will answer to charges in court today in Arlington. The search is on for a coyote on the loose and suspected In the attacks of two young girls. First report came in when a two year old playing in her yard on Epping Street was bitten on her back and then dragged just about 10. Minutes later, another two year old, the victim this time, not a bite, but was scratched in her yard on Summerhill. Both Children were taken to a local hospital as a precaution. And are expected to be fine. Arlington Police do believe it was the same coyote officials continuing their search of the area in an effort to locate the animal. Charlie Bergeron, WBZ Boston's news radio and a major wrench thrown into arguably the biggest three Dave Matthews Band shows of the Year. Labor Day weekend at the Gorge in Washington state, Matthews begins by walking on stage alone announcing two of his band dates. Bandmates have come down with Covid dedicate tonight to my my brother Carter and my brother Stefan. They're both still feel okay. And then that's good. And because they're both vaccinated, But I hope you will bear with us. Shout out to the band mates and the Covid vaccine and entertain they did. A whole host of friends joined to fill the void, including Robert Randolph and the one and only Mavis Staples. Joining with the Dave Matthews Band to cover the Rolling Stones, Satisfaction. Lemons and Dill emanate a weekend to remember at the gorge in Washington state.

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