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Payments as low as one twenty nine a month on a Harley Davidson is easier and more affordable than ever Harley CEO Matt Levitt itch told investors in a recent conference call but new motorcycles are on the way in twenty twenty will again raised the bar we want our first new middle weight motorcycles the Bronx Street Fighter and pan America adventure touring models Harley is also throwing some of its marketing muscle behind its electric live wire bike and even a child size electric Carly Jeff Ballenger Bloomberg radio why his JD power range Commonwealth financial network number one in independent advisor satisfaction among financial investment firms for the sixth straight time we think it comes down to one thing you because your input and feedback that keeps us focused on what's most important to you when your clients and continually pushes us to be the best we can be maybe that's why we receive top marks in every category of the JD power two thousand nineteen advisor satisfaction survey they named as number one in client support number one in from leadership number one in operational support number one in compensation number one in professional development support and number one in technology support ready to partner with the best call Commonwealth eight six six four six two three six three eight or visit Commonwealth dot com and feel the power member FINRA SIPC a registered investment adviser for two thousand nineteen JD power award information visit JD power dot com slash awards term keen and Jonathan Ferrell enjoy each other's company most of us don't speak Mandarin.

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