Robert Mugabe, Vice President, Emma discussed on Morning Edition


Is going to improve that and he is going to fight against corruption and encourage foreign investment tell that foreign investors you are safe in zimbabwe the so interesting to hear you go through that because were reminded of the history of this place which was a british colonial possession which hadas small white population which then gained its independence in 1980 and robert mugabe ruled the country effectively for thirty seven years but here's what i wondering a february it's still the same party in power it's robert mugabe's former vice president can the same party in power really changed that much steven that is what we must not lose sight of the fact that despite this military takeover president mugabe being pushed out and forced to resign it is his party zanu pf that remains in power the opposition it just doesn't even have a looking and of course emma's imelda what has been a disciple of robert mugabe for forty plus news when they were part of the liberation independence rare struggle heat and father he says he has been my mental i was his son so those who are opposed to nanga what ends on the pfa but it was a repressive regime it was a regime that brought it is in bob was economy to its knees what is going to change what none budweiser saying and we will have to see is that this is a new to warn a new democracy he is going to change about way but many say his nickname is the crocodile and they say it's difficult for crocodile to change it scares okay you now you have mentioned in your reporting this week that there is an election coming up i know there have been elections in zimbabwe brick you set the stage for us is there i there is an opposition we know that but is there much of a civil society is there much of an independent media are there any of the conditions that could lead to real democracy the opposition is in shambles but as full civil society strong we soul hashtag and on the streets protests last year at this flag tudjamn uga had statism luca has fact that flat civil societies pretty strong and veil saying look don't forget.

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