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So you have the aubergine in the black cherry, which is a real US P for them because they are the the Marc Jacobs ones. We those. The other day and they little bit too Bolden pigment from really I like, the I like the black cherry the blue that that are close to black with the hair not actually like predominantly green. With Jenkins has a lot of really great colors for people that are looking for colors, which is great if you want, but I have not found a Jeep if that so I wouldn't even patch. It's been twenty five dollars on that particular. But then I think imagine a world back when you were first starting out when I was doing PR cause I used to do PR from abeline. Two thousand full disclosure. I worked in an agency that did p off moving but in two thousand and two two thousand and three all those years ago. My God and everything we had for that Perry. We we worked for them on a project basis and every project we had was dreadful. We had this foundation that had a ball bearing in it. And that was the Honey we're going to say that. Yes. Shaky Chaka shocker, and they were like all communications that you might have to say shocker shocker, and I was the copywriter the agency. And I was like I can't do it on a refused to do it. And they'll let Colville Jacobs at metro and like root pitch this to her. And I'm like, no, I will not call this woman who already hates me from ever reason unless it was when I was a Margaret Argonauts press office, and then everybody light Lindsey like I'm not calling legitimate beauty journalists and saying, hey, guess what? Shocker shocker and also the foundation just wasn't very good. So it was very upsetting. That's why actually. The imagine a world back, then we're Maybelline would launch your new mascara mainland who then moved that were best known for great rush. Imagine a Woolworth added new Moscow come out, and we didn't know about it until I saw in store, I can't conceive of it. And yet that just happened, and I'm more immersed in the industry than I've ever been. And it's just the sheer volume of stuff, and maybe they're just they're just funneling money into other looney obviously going somewhere else and not sale. The thing is that's why I say about these experiences in these events, you couldn't possibly cover everything anymore. Now, I I wouldn't want to I wouldn't want to be the person who is constantly at the cutting edge of knowing what because we were talking about this earlier before we started recording it devalues things because I I don't buy a lot of beauty products. And I certainly went by expensive ones like when we went into Sephora the other day. And that's like the Pat McGrath, which I can't get very easily worth come. I get the meat. I think. Yeah. But they're expensive. And I just think no I will find something that performs on a similar to similar standard. And I will probably look before I would look to sonic or to people who I know know, those sorts of products inside out and wait for them to give the key is to which is a more foldable equivalent, which is yet because I didn't so hard no is seeing pass loads events and pass. And that's what the runs are do this event. So building onto the patient. So that you buy without thinking, you just get so caught up in the frenzy you buy as soon as it drops. Which is interesting, and I totally went off topic. Because I don't know if you've noticed slow data. I to beauty editor friends. They are beauty junkies to the mountains and the younger than me like always very motherly mothering towards them. But every time I see them. Whereas I could you stop buying Kylie and came stop. Stop paying the GT and they pay a fortune for them. But they want them the they literally will be on social media in the night..

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