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We're gonna see them trying to package what what they say. In a way, Trump presented as something new and different. But Ian Krant. Krant beyond said way of sort of naval exercises in the Black Sea and so forth. We're unlikely to see very much multi. Thank you very much for your time this morning. You're listening to the royalist for monocle twenty four. We'll check in on the never ending Brexit crisis in just a moment. But first, let's look at some of the other stories we keeping an eye on today. The body of the former President George Hw Bush is lying in state of the US capital in Washington DC, America's forty first president died on Friday at the age of ninety four. Donald Trump did not attend the ceremony. Tamakwe caskets arrival but did make a brief visit with this wife later on Monday night protests does behind Francis fuel tanks. Protests have pulled out of a plan meeting with the country's prime minister, some say they've received death threats from hardline as say they shouldn't be negotiating with the government. Three people have died since the protests began last month since when they've escalated into wider anti-government demonstrations, the head of the CIA will now brief congress on the murder of the Saudi journalist Malika Shoji hassle with absent from last week's briefing, angering some in Washington for pulse. From the US suggest the CIA is convinced Saudi Arabia's defector Rula conference Bahama did Salman Walter involved in the decision to kill Mr. coachie. This is the list. Today sees the start a five long days of debate. In the house of Commons on Theresa May's plans for Brexit already. They appear to be doomed certain to be defeated in the vote are week from today. You would imagine that that will be enough for prime minister to be dealing with. But now the government also faces the risk of a full blown constitutional crisis over its refusal to publish info, the legal advice that it's received on the deal to explain more on all this. I'm joined in the studio I Joe to deco columnist for London's Evening Standard newspaper. We'll get onto the debate. In a moment. Let's start with this legal route because this is horrendous complicated. So the government's chief legal officer the attorney general's in the Commons yesterday, which is rare in itself he was fending off questions from MP's and for two hours. He said, look, they're all flaws in this deal. We could be trapped in this arrangement. We have to follow a you rules indefinitely. There is no independent way for us to get out of it. But I the it probably won't happen. And Secondly, you still can't read the legal advice before you vote. That's correct. I mean, he's actually worth watching because he's such a such a fine voice. Former is nice. Classic Shakespearean actors intoning the kind of rather boring detail of the legal advice with of the back of the unreadable five hundred eight five page withdrawal agreement and he did he was put on the spot, and he had to admit that they was indeed no way out. So we are technically we would northern olive be stuck in his endless stop. Now. The bikes dot Bassi says Northern Ireland because it is governed by the Good Friday agreement for peace with Republican violent has at all times got to have no hard border, which means that if the U K begins diverge from the you in the future arrangement, we either have to find a way of having no hardboard out or northern sticks with the rules. That are followed in the Republic, violent the language on. This is now risen to a new level. We used to call talk about the red line, which is the Northern Ireland could was indivisible from the UK. Now, the leader of. Northern Ireland's governing party. The DP is talking blood red lines and says oh, go very angry. But getting back Jeffrey cokes the attorney general he is now facing a he's now triggered a contempt motion. Which means that in theory, the government at its most extreme the sergeant at arms one of these historic roles could come in. And actually look up a member of parliament for failing to do what they had promised to do to the house is going to happen. Not quite but there is going to be quite a fist debate today..

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