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Hi everyone and thank you for tuning into the two hundred twenty first episode of wards check the hollywood reporter's awards podcasts i'm the host scott feinberg and this assode is presented by bravo top chef imposters watch what happens live with andy cohen and inside the actors studio for your emmy consideration for more info go to bravo tv dot com slash emmys my guest today is one of the most talented comedy performers in the business and someone who i am a whole lot of other people grew up with kenan thompson thompson still has the same animated baby face that endeared him to generation of us who watch nickelodeon in the nineties but despite appearances a lot of time has passed since all that and kenan cal we're on the air thompson is now married with a child he just turned forty and he is in his fifteenth season as a member of the cast of saturday night live meaning he recently passed darrell hammond to become the longest tenure performer in that shows illustrious history you don't last that long in studio eight h without the admiration of your boss and your peers and thomson certainly has both snl chief lorne michaels has said quote if you were designing the perfect person for snl most of the components would look like canaan close quote adding quote he's a thing that almost doesn't exist anymore he's variety performer he can sing he can move he can do comedy and he knows who he is in front of an audience close quote former snl performer and head writer tina fey once told an snl hosts quote if you take out keenan thompson the studio will explode close quote over the course of my conversation with thompson and his dressing room at thirty rock we discuss a wide range of topics among them how funny kid from atlanta wound up working for nickelodeon what the pros and cons were of child stardom and what life was like after it ended for both him and for his longtime collaborator cal mitchell how at something of a low point and opportunity to audition for snl came along.

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