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Stream john corby show host radio 610 wtvn is seven minutes after three o'clock at 610 wtvn john cordery with the big monday show and as eko elliot got another stay of execution could be the hottest world series game time temperature ever tomorrow night in los angeles and we've got several topics to get two will be talking to uh janelle switch meteorologist jim good all about change in weather that's coming up at four ten but first day at a uh two thousand or so our crew sc fans congregated in front of city hall on sunday voiced their support for the team and keeping it here and doug buchanan editor with columbus business first joins us and doug how are you today good how're you doing i'm doing fine no what did you think the rally do you think that i have any impact on my area in a in a way i think it it can um you know it's not immediately going to impress on precourt uh to to drop all of these plans by you know the thing yes added on uh have an impact if you're talking about i trying to rally the clemency corporate community and a powersthatbe to come up with a uh a plan that that potentially precourt could accept and and keep the team years of the more that you could show that there is actually community support uh for the crew of more it can help now you know it's a it's a pretty minor detail on the grand scheme of things we can't come up with a great stadium plan for and butter you know every every little bit to pocketing i just seem to.

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