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Is key to ending the epidemic long NPR news engine stock market is trading lower down two point seven percent in Shanghai this is NPR news in Louisiana the state Supreme Court says Walmart is not responsible for taxes on items that are sold by third party sellers through its online marketplace writing for the majority justice John Wimber says there is no such obligation in either state laws or Walmart's a grievance with other sellers the retail giant says it is pleased with the ruling and would support legislative efforts to address the issue in New York City officials are assessing what can be salvaged from a building fire last week in Chinatown the story from W. NYC Schmieder that's too the building was home to social services a language school and the museum of Chinese in America museum president Nancy L. mass Bach says she's encouraged by what's been recovered so far there were textiles that we found that I was shocked a musical instruments that were found and they were in good shape I thought they might be damage they were fine the first object pulled from the building was a rare Chinese orchid Dan dong works of the dance center and says that flour belongs to its founder when it came out really having a father because that's the first in the merged with think is a symbol of a much better future for all of us officials are still investigating the cause of the fire for NPR news I'm should be the best to you in New York Boeing is reporting its first annual loss in over two decades citing increasing costs of fixing his trouble seven thirty seven MAX plane CEO David Calhoun remains confident that regulators will certify the plane to fly again by mid year seven thirty seven Max was grounded nearly a year ago.

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