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Play. Oh, Mark hall. Yeah. Homeschooling. Yeah. What do you think about the notion that people who pay property taxes and the decided to home school their kids should be able to use public school cities have their kids play in public school, sports and do other things drama? It felt a school. Absolutely. If you're paying taxes towards your district, then you should be able to utilize those facilities. I mean, I we didn't just because there were other facilities for us. And we did, you know exit. We did the. What's the word? I'm looking for the outside of the school zone. Thank you. Yeah. We did. I mean, we we just we, you know, we hunkered down. And again, I I wasn't. I wasn't there to really I was there to get my kid through school. And I gotta tell you though, the conversation I have with my with some of my my my black colleagues around the idea of Algiers. Okay. And I know, and I bet you Kansas Owens would actually agree with us to you know, if you've got a black family who's who's their middle class. They're working both parents are working. And and why can't they use the funds that would have gotten toward a public school toward a voucher to a private school? Why can't to me? That's that. If anything is segregation out his finest by by their own people by by the democrat party is it's like, no, let's keep them down. Again, victimization is an industry and women have have really kind of pioneered that. And now gun control activists have been like, oh, who's the greatest victim demographic? We can latch onto to push our legislation through. Due to push our agenda through which inevitably affects the entire nation. I mean, we start talking about your second amendment rights your first amendment rights hate crime. We've been talking about hate crime legislation to people get their feelings hurt around everything. Why are you asking that? What do you think you dilute tempt? Hebrew is. Yes. Florida university Florida the day. John three sixteen on his face super hottie. Really per engaged early pretty girl now most and he was home schooled. Okay. Played public school football too. It's the Tim tebow act. They're just past the Georgia state Senate and are people pounding sand over that. They don't want kids to be able to do that. There was a little bit of conservation about it. But it past we'll see if it how does in the house becomes law. Just curious of other states have that. Well, I think the government school system is by far the greatest molester of of of our nation at this point in that listen that is not too slight any of you who are public school teachers, I know a lot of teachers in my family, my friends as well that is not a slight bit. It is an industry, and I believe the government should get out of it. That's just my humble opinion and ask because I I saw the detriment that it was causing my own daughter. Listen, it is it is survival of the fittest in your public school. Have you not noticed that? I mean, I don't care if they're wearing uniforms or not. But it is they're dealing with social media. They're dealing with gun violence. They're dealing with. You know, look at the highschoolers who took the entire nation hostage in. What what this is a prime example. Look look. Align themselves with the the parkland students the women's March, right? It was the women's March dot org. They got behind our kids Marci. So for all of your parents who were like, oh, this is a good thing for our kids to March around the school. Okay. Well, I hope you send him to school with their pink vagina hat for the day. Because that's who was leading the charge. You have to start paying attention and connecting the dots of it's not just it. Sure that the prevailing the prevailing blanket over the nation as a partisan issue, but it really is an international issue. So I I wanna talk to this because I haven't in a lot of people aren't aware. This is curry. We talked about this on my show a couple of months ago about the big summit that happened in Morocco United Nations summits, and they basically sent their ITO various. Correct. Mike, rations, PC migration speech. Okay. And this is so for those of you who are like, why are you in Facebook jail. See this stuff is going on overseas. But it's happening here too. We're already being silenced. So if you say something about a woman, and hurts her feelings or you talk about your guns or a man is a man like you can't be Adam. And then you want to be, you know, Cherie five like all that kind of stuff. Right. It's going to get you in trouble. And it's it's not only going to get you in trouble. And it's going to get you dubbed. But here's where it gets dangerous for me. We've got hate crime legislation pushing its way through my state and the state of Georgia right now, you probably have it too and your respective state. Well, I was kind of surprised to see that, you know, all of this started actually with the FBI like right around World War One. Okay. And the Civil Rights Act of nineteen sixty four, you know, ushered in kinda this whole, I think there was like one of the largest civil rights cases ever was called burn. And it was around, you know, stiffer Mississippi burning, and I it's whenever seven men were convicted of conspiring to violate the constitutional rights of the slain civil rights workers. Okay. All these guys are sentenced to prison. But what they did was they align this spirit. This mindset this feeling of hate behind the crime that was perpetuated. And now the stuff is like a has become a, you know, what started out as listen murders murder. That does thefts right hijacking tie. You why you have to have this undercurrent of? Oh, well, there's an additional offense. There's an additional molestation of someone's rights because you had a strong opinion about it. Or you have a bias toward you know, you like to color blue and not the color pink. The these things these things are ushered NPR school system. They're there, and they and they develop at a very young age in kindergarten little TIMMY, and in Jane their little books coloring activities, and before you know, what the middle school, and they're they come home. And you're like who the hell are you like what what happened like what are you talking about right now? And it's because you a as parents, we do not take the time to sit and really treat our children with dignity and respect that they deserve. In terms of adult conversations around things that are going to affect them. They're rapidly taking our country into the toilet right now. And we all look at each other and go what the heck happened. How did we get here? Hate crime legislation to me is very dangerous right now. I just said in the UN you've got in a you rather you have respective countries that have gone back in and agreed on a non-binding measure. But that they would go back and start monitoring the dialogue of people on social media platforms and anyone who was found guilty of criticizing. I want you to think about that. Who gets to define critical who gets to define the word. Criticize this scary stuff, and it's happening right here. Okay. If you're criticizing mass migration, you're going down. They're coming for you. They're gonna kick you off your social media platform. They're going to find you, and it could ultimately land you in jail. All right. So this is what's happening overseas. But it's happening here too. And the overarching agenda of all of this whether it's a Women's Day, mar whatever whatever group chooses to be offended for the day. It it really is a larger cauldron if you will for globalization is it that's it. It's just that simple. A central focal point of power of doling out the bread and the soup the soup. They they own the Super Bowls, the ladle, the pot the fire the gas you'd everything that goes with it. The ingredients in the rest of the world is supposed to stand in line as with that. I think is kind of funny because I'm like, you know, Candace Owens is really leading the charge with Blackson. And like, hey, let's leave this plantation of thought that no it has never served us, by the way. But for sure we know it's not serving us. Now, let we are capable of filling out of voter registration card. We are capable of showing up. We're capable of getting a driver's license. We had the president of the United States for two terms in a row who is black and case everyone for God. So we're clearly not a bunch of Dotas like we can do this thing. We don't need an HR one catfish with all kinds of female regulations. We're smart people. We can pull this off only differences is she's having a heck of a time getting people in in mass to follow her off the off the planet off the thought plantation, you know, with all kinds of stuff, but but you you look at the the the mass migration of of thought. You're just like how many people are willing to give up what they've always held onto the.

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