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In the United States is just going to continue to grow Jason Beaubien NPR news this is NPR news good morning from the BBC in London I'm Sarah Hawkins with B. B. C. topline a few stories we're following right now the European Union has given its first reaction to president trump's sudden announcement of a travel ban on visitors from twenty six countries the EU said it had no advance warning of the thirty day suspension imposed to try to limit the spread of the corona virus and call for economic destruction to be minimized Adam Fleming is in Brussels the president of the European Council Charl Machel who chairs the summits of EU leaders tweeted saying he assessed the situation today one diplomat said that the easy was being used as a scapegoat for political rather than health reasons the U. S. action could embolden EU countries to take tougher action on their own borders and it's already lead to falls on Asian stock markets apart from the falls in the Nikkei and the hang Seng Australia's ASX two hundred plunged almost six percent that's despite an eleven billion dollar stimulus package announced by the prime minister Scott Marcin Monica Miller in Singapore and in other news two Americans and one British soldier have died in a rocket attack in Iraq it happened at camp Taji military base near Baghdad here's a defense correspondent Jonathan Beale another twelve coalition personnel were injured in the attack which was launched from a truck discovered a few miles from the camp it's not clear who was responsible but in the past the U. S. is accused Iranian backed militia of carrying out similar attacks in London I'm Sarah Hawkins at the BBC the island nation of Dominica was leveled by a hurricane three years ago now it's rebuilding and setting a goal that might be considered out of reach so to now say that we want to achieve climate resilience I don't think it's any more bold in saying that he wants to abolish slavery meet the woman trying to hurricane proof Dominica that plus the latest on the corona virus on the world it's the world with Marco Werman posting and it comes your way this afternoon beginning at two good morning I'm David Greene somebody lost a cow in Pembroke pines Florida police put out a notice online wanted unknown cal brown with a white head faster than it looks a police spokesperson said the cow has been loose for weeks the departments try to wrangle her but she knows how to jump a fence she also loves a good swimming pool the police notice said the cow is guilty of quote moving violations that behind should just be certain it it's morning edition.

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