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But you can't put a fence up on every overpass all over the Tri state. It's almost maybe that's what we have to do because this is the potential destroying commerce destroying people's lives and the probability of catching this person is rare. There was a group caught in Michigan that we're doing it goes one of the six started talking about these sixteen ages in southern Michigan did this for like nine months to a year before one of them killed somebody felt bad told another kid who told another kid, and then he testifies that. There was a group of six I'm that did this on a regular basis just to have fun and they got points. They hit the car hit the windshield. They missed they never playing like games. It's ridiculous. There were a couple of change that were out. Seems to me maybe along Columbia Parkway or eastern, and they hit pulled this several years ago, and they got caught. There was a young lady who is in a cab. I believe and was injured severe very nice looking young lady and the rock comes through. I think it was the wind over cab hit her directly in the face cook out a big pink skin off her head. They they tried to grab it. It was very difficult for them to put her back together. I think broke her skull. And she was she was severely injured for. I mean, it was like years, and I'm not, you know, and that was years ago, and I will guarantee that young lady is still dealing with the effects of that every single day of her life. I do not go away overnight. I mean, it's not something you go. Well, you know, we we bucked the headlight of that car. And now you've got guys gotta go fix that. However funny that would be I don't know. But even as a kid doing stupid thing, you know, we never thought throwing a rock for a windshield with with something with funny or something anybody should do. Well, you know, and I mean, I did some stupid things as a kid, but but that was never one up. I never remember anybody thinking that would be funny worst thing I did was far crackers in an empty cocaine and watch what happens in the woods, and that kind of stuff, but I guess Boone county, they have no leads at this point ought to charge. See scumbags with attempted murder because this was an attempted murder. Well, this is this is the kind of thing though, that I think if it doesn't it should get people's attention. They they are working hard. I got the indication that they might have some leave that they could track down on this thing. I it's very difficult. I don't know how they worked at. But there's some, you know, there are ways that these officers have of narrowing the suspect lists on things like this. And sometimes it's, you know, something like this can be very difficult. But if they get a lead in this we had this thing out last night. They started getting calls. Somebody knows something. This is one of those things where you got teenagers. And nobody knows Jimmy was out throwing rocks or he was out in that area. And they'll figure it out. You know, people can't stay off a social media anymore, especially that age group. They may have shown themselves before in the area somebody knows. And there's a lot of, you know, lots of friends they're not going to stand by on something like this. You know, what over the line? You know, Brian. Hammer. You also mentioned earlier this morning when I spoke with you about a a noted murder and over in Indiana. And when I think of you, I think a murder what's happening with that case. Well. You know, the first part of that was that we now have the woman who was part of this whole case has now pled guilty. She's been she's been sentenced. See is gonna get I think it's ninety five years in jail. This was a case in Aurora, Indiana where. Cody booth. Has decided he was a heroin acted and he decided he needed more more heroin, and the only people who had taken this kid in the only people left in his life is his grandfather and his mother and the grandfather and the mother had allowed them to stay at his house role street outside of Aurora. That's where he was staying with his girlfriend. They whatever they were drug or whatever. And they decide they need the money. They start talking about. Well, they could kill mom and grandpa and grandpa, a green beret it served. The Vietnam had been injured quite CAD a purple heart had a bronze star. I believe won't Brian are decorated still people knew him in town almost all of his friends were other veterans who who who understood what he had been through. And. And spent their days out helping other veteran, and and so they decided that they would that they would attack these folks. So he sits down beside of his mother and his mother understands something's wrong something's going. He says you're getting ready to do something. You don't want to do. And he says, yeah, I love you mom, and then he starts to strangler. Well, she's not dying. You tries to put his hand over mouth, she bite them. And then he calls for his girlfriend to bring the night, which is the size of a sore. This knife is ju- see brings it over. And her testimony is that he grabbed her hand with kids, and they stab mom together. And then she falls away and then Cody boost in stabbed his mom again. And that she lays dying a gruesome gruesome seen. I think even too much to talk about on the radio this scene of death. Is this woman died some knife wound? And then they turned their attention to the grandfather. And they sat him up and Cody booth knows who takes on his grandfather even at his age that he would not he would not win against a green beret. I think won't Bryant was in his late seventies believe and he knew that he he still couldn't win against them. So we have to ambush him. So he calls like his grandfather to the top of the stairs. And when his grandfather's not looking totally off guard jumped him jump on top sends him down the stairs all of his weight. All Cody boosts weighed on top of him and right into the bottom of the stairs where where he nearly unconscious. And then they get the night began. He called for the night. He sticks in to his grandfather. Rolls him over and Jeff the night bright into its chest. And leave the knife sticking out of the chest, his grandfather's dying. Go over to the mom again, they cry her wedding ring off of her fingers offers Babar's mother is either dead or dying. They pride the wedding ring off her finger take that the mother item. And they go up to the city to pawn it more money for drugs, then when you're done with that those drugs wear off that night. I think sometime maybe the next day. I can't remember what the timeframe was they come back. According and this is all according to the testimony of the girlfriend who was there. And she took investigators through the house showed him exactly how it all happened. They come back to the house. The second time see the knife sticking out of wall and go, you know, what we shouldn't leave nice sitting there. They pull the knife out throw it under a a freezer, and then leave with some more items to sell and then they're on the run and police finally put it together and track them down and arrest them and see now had confessed he's going to testify against a Cody booth. And Cody booths will go to trial in September. I pray to God Margie Thomson and Cody booth are the two that did this Cody boots is sitting next to his mom who we'd loved then to kill her because she would not continue to support his drug as heroin addiction. And then to have this horrible killing of a Vietnam war veteran a hero is despicable. I pray to God. All of them. Both of these two individuals spend the rest of their life in jail. The woman Margie Thompson is forty eight accepted. A plea deal of ninety five years in prison. Right. Ninety five years in prison. That's the favor light. Because obviously if you don't execute somebody like Cody booth, Indiana done a death penalty. It's gotta be it. Right because Naima cheese except at ninety five years in prison in Indiana. Eighty five percent of the sentence. She'd get out when she's one hundred and eleven. Yeah. I doubt she's gonna make it. Yeah. No, it it'd be rare, especially someone her condition. You know, already you know, kinda and from years of drug use and abuse. And you know, they had already basically financially ruined Brian and his daughter they had been so. I already Cody booth and Margie top that have been arrested. They have been thrown in jail. They had loaned the money. They try to Carney, and it used if I say things and his mother had used money she had to to try and keep them. They basically run out of money, they they could not support them anymore, and when they couldn't support them anymore. It was like, well, we've done all we can they've done all they can time to kill him who needs to be killed. Now is Cody booth all Brian Hamrick. Thank you for the update per for those travelling the highways and the byways tries, Dan, I guess, keep your eyes open keep your eyes up, but at ten thirty on Saturday night when a pineapple size rock comes through your windshield. Do you can't drive looking up on overpasses all the time? But it's extremely sad. What's going on? But when I think of murder and mayhem, I think Brian Hamrick. Well, that's where I usually. I'm usually in the middle of it. Somehow Brian Hamrick. Once again, thank you for coming on the Bill Cunningham show. Thanks again. Mr Cunningham, let's continue with more power five. Brian Hamrick by the way in about forty five minutes, or so Brian tone will be here of crossroads and more at your home of the reds playing tonight. Oh on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl w seven hundred w l w News Radio seven hundred w l w..

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