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Our families are immersed in this business cultures and you'll find are it not just the importance of the economic driver that it is but what you can do to participate in help understand what the challenges are the industry is 630 it's time for our 630 report here's news director chas on thai with our i'll put a good morning jess good morning mike a man is injured from a stabbing in kaiuwe police are called to o'neill and only streets near the title of is a center last night and found the victim with stab wounds he was taken to the hospital in critical condition officers also blocked off law tattoo company on coolly road but no arrests have been made an investigation is ongoing six fishermen are safe after their boat sunk off the coast of hawaii island the fifty seven foot fishing vessels started filling up with water last night about one hundred ten miles southeast of hawaii island the us coast guard was called in to rescue the men with a liferaft and it was brought to shore where they were met with medical service and border protection it's unclear if there were any injuries or what caused the boat to sink in national news democratic congressman john conyers huang of sexual harassment again detroit news reports deanna may her who served as conyers deputy chief of staff from 1997 to two thousand five claims conyers touched or inappropriately and made unwelcome sexual advances towards her at least three times conyers attorney denied the allegations to the newspaper president trump is doubting deal can be reached on the federal budget ahead of a meeting with congressional leaders today trump tweeted that chuck and then see one illegal immigrants flooding into the us that was a reference to senate democratic leader chuck schumer and house minority leader nancy pelosi the government runs out of money on december eighth and finally a former top aide to white house chief of staff john kelly is challenging embattled republican roy more for alabama senate seat liebus be is challenging more and democrat doug jones as a.

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