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This season with the warriors. Katie wasn't a fan of all the criticism he faced after switching teams and twenty sixteen, but says that this time he will be quote, open and transparent with the media. We're now joined by Yahoo senior NBA, insider chrisny. Thanks for joined by the way. This is so big. He had NBA stars, breaking news on his job, right about that. What I got that information only. Got it. That's very interesting. We, you know the warriors, so well. So in your expert opinion, what is your gut saying about where Katie will end up next summer. This could get me in trouble here dry spill. Let's go. When was the last time? The Lakers and the Knicks were relevant at the same time. Some of the news don't even know anything about that. Haven't even experienced anything like that. Look, I will say this New York Knicks have a very good shot at Lauren Katie away really area. The reason I say that his business partner rich climate ham, it's based in New York's huge, New York Knicks fan. Their business is located and based in New York. Katie's dad is a big New York Knicks fan, the same allure that LeBron hats horse the Los Angeles Lakers just just the building the culture. Same thing the same way. I know Katie feels about the Knicks. Now I will say this go to state does have the air, obviously what they built. But I think for Golden State Warriors fan house was a fan about this. It will always be Steph Curry's team, and this will not if he were to bowl, this wouldn't be a situation like it was LeBron leaving Cleveland, you know he went over there, you know. Good right. Going off to greener pastures. So. I will say going to stay has the air, but the Knicks I think they'll be in play. That scare you. He's Katie or bust LeBron. Felt that lake. The lake is going to get a deal on the report card. They gotta get Katie eighty. One of those guys will be in nineteen would be played with the Lakers not. I would prefer k. d. because Katie LeBron but I don't know if the NBA really wanted to happen they, they wanna make it fair, somewhat. But I thought Katie was fair, and I think he was opening on it. He didn't say he was going here there. He had a meeting with Golden State. He liked what they had to offer. I think what people phone Katie bra you up three one on that team that team seventy three games without you, and they had a two-time league inva- Pete and the last time you went, it was unanimous and you go join them and you want to like be what applaud to be happy. So I, I don't think he hit anything. He never said he was going back to Goldens. Okay. See, I thought he was opening on with that process. I just think the thing is for him is that he gets sometime he, here's what everybody says, and it bothers him to an extent. And so he seems to me that he goes out there like, oh, y'all. Y'all think I can only play basketball here and Golden State. The best he he, I mean, I'm sure deep down. He thinks he's the best. Oh, he'll tell you he's the best point. Yeah, Yeah. and he is the go ahead. Chris plant live here. What we're doing here. On this show right here. If you notice we're not the same. You gotta pick us. All right on that how old it goes. They gave me the list of questions before I came on that one. Well prepared for that. Who's the back?.

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