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Cow poo. So we'll talk more about that in the studio tonight. It's myself the reverend captain. Kick ass joining me. It's funny and chris and the telephone number. If you'd like to join in the conversation tonight is two zero two. There's two twos and the number the number two. Yeah you get two zero two three zero three six nine nine two two three eight zero three. Six nine is the number. So the sky in scotland apparently in the wake of elon musk's tweets about currency and the supposed- effects that he may or may not have had on the market Over five million pounds and in orders already as of june ninth. Anyway the device apparently measures a mere seventy centimeters by thirty five centimeters by forty centimeters. Josh machines are designed to mind other digital currencies like raven coin in a theory and use less energy. the firm's binding rigs have so far averaged approximately thirty thousand dollars each. That's pounds in annual profits over a three year period with the bulk of these gains made in twenty twenty one as digital currencies. One institutional acceptance. So he's doing well with these particular. These actually will mind. Actually make money off them. According to this article. I wonder i wonder how efficient these machines are compared to like other. I wonder if he ships internationally right. Josh i just shipped my pants josh. Who was among delegates in e. u. summit on crypto last year says the company has been experiencing huge growth in sales among the uk's agricultural community as farmers tapping to onsite renewable energy one greenside hosts forty mining computers which run twenty four seven. The site is power to using anaerobic digestion. Ad machines which turn animal waste into renewable energy. Now this isn't the first time i've heard of using waste as a form of energy i'll give you an example When i was looking into like off grid technology and innovation one of the things that is deployed is people will have a compost bin right and this is just a big areas usually fenced in utah. Saw your food scraps and think some people go to extremes. and they'll you know if they've got Like a composting. Toilet. they'll toss. they're they're human waste in there to you. Got to be careful with like you know animals get in there and disease and and and also it can become flammable right and and explode. So i mean like you know. It's not a joking matter. Careful with your matches. Even though i joke about this and we'll joke again. I'm sure you know. Give me five minutes or so but at any rate so once you have this compost pile and it gets to a certain will say size What you can do. You can run a copper coil. Underneath it before you start the compost pile and attach some tubes and a little small pump like a fishing a fish tank water pump to it. And what you do. Is you run this water to your under floor. Heating the make these under floor heating things that are essentially just tubes that phil hot water right and so what you're doing is you're just taking cold water from the tap your pumping it into underneath your compost pile which generates an immense amount of heat. Your heating that water. And then you're pumping that water back into the house right to heat your flooring which then in turn heats the house. So now you've heeded your house with your own waste products. Wow be cool. If you weren't using poop i would refuse poop. This is just gross. And i don't even. I able only compost like you know leftover foodstuffs and that kind of thing. So i'm not saying you have to you. I'm just saying that. This is not the first time i've heard of people using waste for a technological purpose or to. You'll something now house that you put on top of a waste pile then no on farms. They usually have an area. Set aside for composting. Right and usually what you do. Is you throw away like your banana. The bones of stuff and you know whatever into the compost and then in the springtime you take that compost and you spread it out over your garden because it is a very nutrient rich thing that it becomes and then that's how you grow better plants and better food and your gardens and all that kind of stuff. So parents do that. But i would've never thought you could add human poop. I would've thought that would make it would make it poisonous or something. Well i mean you can add. Animal manure is this. Isn't it like the same or something that people take that causes the problem or something which animals don't take or something. I don't know i don't i think about it but i do know that like enough about it but i do know like like hiking of staff and like they tell you when you hiking in the middle of nowhere not to hike or not to go number two near the river the water source right right you can wear as obviously animals are you can dig a pit privy right. You know if you're sort of off grading it kind of a thing. And i know a lot of the will call them green. Rv people folks who take vacations but they want. They want the solar power on their rv and they want a toilet. That's not going to you know. Have a bunch of chemicals have to be added to visit the dumpsite. They'll use what's called a composting toilet. And so you know these things exist. And they recycle. Or otherwise reuse. There's a book actually that. I think this explains the concept that i'm trying to get across a much better. It's called human newer and it is. Yeah it's a good book. It's a short book and it explains like the practical. How tunis of how somebody figured out a couple of different ways you gain something out of what most people consider way straight if you can hit your house in the winter because you've created this this pile of waste. Why wouldn't you. it's free heat. I think there's probably people out there who would be like if you were starving. The only way to eat was to use your own poop to grow food. You would do it. No i would die. Because i don't wanna live on that planet. If that's the only way to eat well i mean there is already manure in a large amount of farming. So whether it's human way story. I always it's already there. You've already been eating politics. I have to say. I just don't wanna think about it. Human part is what's disgusting because the human part discussing versus animal. Because you already kind of know that there is made poop like earthworms poop turns into dirt dirt earthworm poop dirt earthworm. Well i mean dirt kind of the decomposition of all things about life. Yeah but some of it is yeah excrement but of course it is absolutely it is gross. Well i'm not saying it's not gross. My own poop in my household families poop there will be even worse. Can we move onto an..

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