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My other offensive. Question that i have an entering. This game is will. We see clyde edwards allaire and mccoll hardman actually step up in elevated rolls. We know it can do had a great season last year with production in the thirteen games. Eleven hundred scrimmage yards. Now he's supposed to have a boosted role in the past game. A we'll see we. We thought that this would be the case when he was drafted now. He didn't have the off season that a typical rookie. Has i think that impacted that it seems like he has a better understanding of the andy. Reid playbook at this point will we see him. Step up into what will be elevated role. And then you're thinking about a third or fourth option. Clyde mccoll maybe one eight one be in that sense will michael harbin take the next step and actually perform and be reliable for the chiefs. We saw glimpses of that at training camp war in practice than in the actual preseason games. Which gives you. I think a little bit of pause but here it is. I mean everybody knows that these two guys are expected to take the next step. My question is will they. Yeah and i actually have. Essentially the same question on my list for my second offensive. Question is the running game And i i to me You know all the talk has been about edwards hilar- improving his receiving game From patrick mahomes. But i wonder to me. It's been kind of a different question You know how much is he going to improve as a runner with better offensive line in front of him and it may not be necessary for him to Step forward with receiving yards and this could be a piece of the four tight ends question is well you know You can improve your one in game by having lots of one to personnel as well Not you know. It's not just the one four personnel. Where it's all exciting because there's four tight ends on the field. But i mean the one to personnel can Can extend your running game quite a bit. You know when you still got kelsey on the field. They got to pay attention to him. And then you got another blocking tight end On the other side of the line you know you can. You can open up some holes and do some things. So i think that's part of what what is the question for me is not only a running game be better with a production from the running backs be better. In what way will it be better. I love going to be receiving or more running. I love this idea. I love the idea of the chiefs getting a little bit more run friendly. Yeah especially early in games and sometimes if the game dictates that because we do occasionally see times when you feel like they're trying to force the passing game too much i'd original. There is five seven and two injured and eight pounds and he is at beast. I understand is smaller for what would be a typical running back that stan staff success in the nfl. But i think there were times last year where you just stuck glimpses. If he would get a little bit guy what he could possibly do. Especially in that week one game. It was and we thought that that'd be a sign of things to come. And then you did have problems with the offensive line starting with mitch schwartz and as the year went on it was more and more issues and now you have these bigger athletic offensive lineman who should be giving clyde edwards allaire more space and that should lead to more rushing yards right and more rushing yards should lead to more passing yards not only for him and the rest of the offense because all of a sudden if clyde is doing damage yet you have to a sense. Stack the box and maybe one on one with tyreek hill. Maybe you're one on one with travis kelsey or even mccoll hardman. That's where this offense is really good a click. That's why i think we see return to some of the early days of the mahomes era with kareem hunt and just no answer because there are just too many questions for the defense to address. Well i also think that this is to me. This is something that really bugs me. Is that a lot of fans. Think that andy. Reid takes his foot off the gas in the second half when he has a lead. And i don't think he does that. I think what he does is he says okay. We've got the lead. Let's run the ball and up to this point running. The ball hasn't been a thing that she's very good at when everybody in their brother knew the chiefs are going to run the ball. They couldn't do it effectively. They couldn't impose their will on other teams. And i think that with this offensive line. They might be able to do that. And by the end of the season people are gonna to say. Oh look andy. Reid didn't take his foot off the gas. No he never did. It's just that now when he does what he should do what he has the lead which is run the football Then they can do it. More effectively shadow to mike frazier. The statistical analysis coordinator of the kansas city chiefs. He'd wears glasses like you and me. It's better to run the game. When you have to touchdown lead might be the most obvious thing that we say on the podcast today. And i think and i hate to bring this game up. I think there was a lesson learned in that colts loss. To where andrew luck pro probably in the greatest game career was able to rally back and come back early in that sense. I learn a lesson i even the head coach of andy reed's caliber future hall of famer. Ken learn from that game. Where if would have just knelt on the ball. Yep there would have been a better scenario than you were. And they that idea to me of the chiefs taking their foot off. The gas is bananas. Because i'll i'll give you an example. How many times we've seen the chiefs up. Seventeen to twenty four points in the fourth quarter and number fifteen running back out there right like why..

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