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Graham says he hopes President Trump takes a closer look at Syria and his comments after the deaths of four Americans. Their Graham says President Trump's comments about ISIS being defeated is a fuelling what he called enemy enthusiasm. My concern that the statements made the President Trump is it you set in motion enthusiasm by the enemy were fighting. You make people were trying to help wonder about us. And as they get bolder people were trying to help are going to get more uncertain. Saw this in Iraq. And now seeing it in Syria every American wants her troops to come home. But I think all of us want to make sure that when they do come on. We're safe. I don't know how we're ever going to be safe. If people over there can't at least sit down and talk with each other. The only reason the Kurds in the air ABS and the Chris Goss we gave them the space to be in that restaurant. Thank what you want to about those people over there. They've had enough of killing they'd love to have the opportunity we have to fix their problems without the force of balance. So I would hope the president look long and hard. He's headed in Syria. I know people are frustrated, but we're never going to be safe here, unless we're willing to help people over there will stand up against this radical ideology. Years. The goodness. Very few fathers and mothers over there. Wanna turn their daughters? Overdoses their sons overdoses, they just need to build. So to those who lost their lives today in Syria. You're defending America in my view to those in Syria trying to work together, you're providing the best and only hope for your country. I hope the president will look long and hard about what we're doing Syria. Isis claiming responsibility for that blast that killed the four Americans. Meanwhile, Turkish president to air to one says the explosion may have been aimed to deter the US from withdrawing troops air to Wanstead. However, President Trump appears to be determined to pull US troops out. And he does not think the president would step back from his decision border patrol agents in New Mexico say group of nearly two hundred and fifty immigrants are in custody after turning themselves into a thirties at the antelope wells port of entry border patrol agent. Fidel Bacha told the Associated Press the group was the latest in an increase in a number of large groups in recent weeks of migrants, attempting to turn themselves in for political asylum. We had a group just after midnight a group of two hundred and forty seven people they turned himself saying at the end of the world port of entry to border patrol agents out there. During the during the having to secure the group out of those two hundred and forty seven at least fifty almost immediately request medical attention. They were giving the medical attention that they needed just a lot of challenges that these large groups bring now we have to move a lot of agents from patrolling the border to bring them into the station transporting two hundred and forty seven people there's going to be quite a quite a task processing them granting giving them the medical attention. So now, we're replacing is agents being on the line with them at the station. Doing these protests. All right now, what we're seeing is that the criminal organizations are explosion that area because they're able to send a large groups say without risking prevention. So they're able to guide them in. They're not gonna come in with them to the US. So they can't be apprehended. So it's a win win for them. They're not going to risk prevention. And you're still gonna make the money off of everybody. That's your smuggling. So that's that's the trend that we're seeing that out there. So desolate area on the Mexican side. There really isn't anything. They just go out there. They tell him walk across turn yourself into a border patrol agent. And it's a win win for the they get claim the money, and they don't get to risk apprehension. Now, the countries where the migrants are from were not immediately disclosed all the federal government shutdown his shuttered immigration courts. Leading to thousands of delayed cases, only those held a detention getting hearing before a judge Hans Meyer is an immigration attorney. He told the Associated Press while lawmakers dig over border security funding to fight illegal immigration, those doing it the right way are caught in the middle. Well, the shutdowns interesting because as part of the shutdown, and the fact that the government isn't a funded all non detained immigration courts are being suspended. So cases, aren't being processed courts aren't in session. Then so cases are basically being reset out to the future. So right now, nothing's moving Trump's. Whole platform is that he wants to build a wall. And that's why the government shutdown, but in the process of shutting the government down. He's also an impeding. The ability of the courts to decide. Immigration cases about whether the person can stay or go, and you have people who are trying to do. And they can't get their day in court which is immensely frustrating. Because in some cases, eligibility might be an issue, if we wait to certain people, my age out of being eligible certain defenses might no longer be available until it raises major issues about administration of Justice and just getting due process. We're gonna see how this plays out. I think you know, as well as with many other agencies and other parts of the government a lot of this is going to be making the road by walking it because this is in many ways a little bit new territory, given how long the government.

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