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A master of the screen screen. Those guys a little bit cause a little hesitation in their rush and I think you'll see the move if the pocket with Mahomes a little bit so make those guys run make those guys run and then the run game get that run game going on the perimeter make these tire these dudes out. Yeah that'd be the thing because he hasn't been a again has been committed to the running he doesn't have to. We're not saying that. He has to run at twenty five to thirty times. He asked to run it enough to just make them respect. They're so pat mahomes can't continue to it do is deal. But you're right. Silent sideline We've seen them used a screen game. We've seen them use a lot of those college concepts and college. They talk about making guys run laterally. Run from numbers to know about some out early in the game. I want to stress. I WANNA put so much stress on them that we can tie them out and then put the ball in Pat Mahomes Holmes hands in the second half and if you can take advantage of all no doubt a lot other angles will get to with the Super Bowl here. Plenty of time to discuss it. Manson great matchups to how about you know in the run. One Game George Kendall Frank Clark and there's a ton of great intriguing match-ups to keep an eye on But before the super there's the senior we've got senior bowl down here in Mobile Alabama Buck and if you're looking forward to one thing this week other than a lot of fried food what is it man. I'm looking forward to pass catches and the reason I'm looking forward to the past cash is just coming off the heels of the NFC championship game and looking at the contribution they deebo Samuel was able to make I think more guys narrow confident that some of the stuff that we see on the practice actress feel will carry over to how people perform in games and so we talked about the class Michael Pittman Junior van. Jefferson Devender Vernay A EUCH DOC from Arizona State one of my favorites there are some physical playmakers in this game. The should be able to make immediate contributions. I WANNA see if they're able to dominate manege on the practice field this week and then see if we can project how those guys may play S. Pros it's been it's been a really valuable evaluating tool because wide receivers. I haven't been exposed to a lot of routes now that they're going to get a chance to run this week. deebo Samuel Perfect example. Somebody that didn't do a lot of that. South Carolina showed during this week of practice. He was uncomfortable. I remember him and Rocky Sin Great match last year. offensive lineman some of these guys In terms of vertical sets. They've been doing things differently. Currently they're going to be asked to do this week. It's just pro style coaching It's a great great evaluation to a small school players A Guy like cal. Duggar from From lenore Orion get a chance to see him. Go up against you know bigger school players so those opportunities are huge. The terrific opportunities for those guys. It's funny that you bring up Caldas because this is an opportunity for small guys really stand out. We can talk about the visit with him by the way I'm looking forward to that yeah we can talk about the NFL. PA Game in the East West rang in. But there's something about the senior you bowl where you get opportunity to see some of the the top talent descend on Mobile Alabama and compete against one another. If you're a small school staff who can hold your own in this game a it gives you an opportunity to not only get drafted I but potentially play well in the National Football League We saw that. Who Was it? Ellie market came down. It has success so we've seen a number number of small school standouts half success and it was kind of the launching pad of the NFL careers. We'll see if we can find some of those guys show out here all right last thing in We'll wrap this thing up. Did you bring an extra beanie. Because I didn't bring on a Friday. I did check the weather but you know may be seduced because sometimes to California whether California's sixty maybe a little different born in Alabama sixty. Yeah I think we're going to see some forties there dude yeah forties forties or are there those are being. That's beanie weather truly all right. Well this this has been fun to To look back Champ Games looking ahead to the super bowl but right in front of us The research senior bowl. We're GONNA be doing a lot of interviews down here with players. It's going to get a chance to for you guys. Let's listen to that and see that shortly as well as some stuff. We're GONNA sock away for our three sixty series That we do each and every year so I know you guys look forward to that That's going to do it for us. Thank you so much for for. You're listening remember. You can check out the podcast downloaded apple. PODCAST Your favorite podcast APP and all the videos YouTube dot com such NFL podcast Also find on NFL DOT com slash. MT S video. He's Bucky Brooks Dana. Jeremiah we'll see you next time..

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