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Kwan Williams, Evan Thomas, John Smokies discussed on Giants Classic Replay


Amazing to watch how you can just come and go the football team and that's what we did we jailed this is the best thing on you know we have a fun either special teams to Kwan Williams the rookie makes the big forced fumble Evan Thomas recovers to everybody chipping in I mean that's what it is well you know how we win games the finance office press three every every aspect of his game was one because we play together close this out did a great job of giving us a game plan and we didn't falter from it thank you for not a lot of credit a great football team they gave us everything we could take we just we only made one more play than they did tonight pumped up about Super Bowl forty two rematch I'm I'm I'm enjoy from first but it's gonna be fun always seek the bass is going to bring out your best I'm Tom Brady bunch that's a that's a great football team who's gonna be on the phone resolutions are present about let's send it over to John Smokies with see how satisfying is it is after all the ups and downs this season you're headed to the Super Bowl on believable absolutely nothing like it is on believable I'm just before everybody is I don't see so many games this year with the offense is done a lot to win games but my goodness you guys stop them so many times in the fourth quarter over time defense how do you react to the way you want to get and it is the way we are doing Watson we are doing we did in my words only one third down conversion for the forty Niners James what do think about we did the first little this is true finally two million faces in the Superbowl one more time with the patriots would you think that will be a dog fight man I'm I'm just I'm only joy this one for maybe like another day go get right into New England congradulations us appreciate it the president does your media and John smoking.

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