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Ones being drafted i ronald jones or leonard fournette. But do you think. I'll i'll say jones is being drafted. I all right yeah. It's jones to running back spots ahead of leonard fournette burning thirty three running back thirty five both of them in round eight. And who are you guys taking. I jones for it. I'm taking four net. Just it's so. Chris such a crowded back right every time i take four net and i just did it in this. Pick by pick series. That jamie mentioned earlier. I feel gross and it almost doesn't matter what round it's in i just feel like Is this a like a total waste of a pick. You like told. Dr throw on leonard for which is why. You really shouldn't take him. I think my sentences over so do you see a scenario other than injury. Where either of these guys really rise in. adp rise. no no. I think these are guys you settle for these guys that you know you. In some cases you avoid eye as long as they're healthy with giovanni bernard there there's such a logjam for touches so you know one week. It could be jones as the best one. One we ji was the best one we could be for. Net is the best one for net is the one that profile to do everything whereas jones more like a russia and geo more like a pass catching all right. We talked about the jaguars right now. Adp chavez rb twenty one. He's going forty eighth overall and around four james robinson. Rb twenty seven round six. So we'll skip.

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