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This CNN breaking news. Welcome to the lead I'm jake tapper and we begin with breaking news in our national lead just moments ago, the governor of Minnesota announced a new investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department, saying the State Department Human Rights Will Launch Civil Rights investigations looking into the practices of the department for the last decade after the killing of George Floyd The unarmed black man by Minneapolis police officer just eight days ago. In addition to that right now, friends and family of Floyd are leading a march, a massive crowd to city hall and Houston George Floyd's hometown in honor of his memory. It is another day of protest today. Another day of a nation on edge in Los, Angeles protests are underway as curfews are set to begin shortly and right now protesters are already gathering outside the White House at times chanting I can't breathe George Floyd's last words. This comes as president. Trump once again is encouraging law. Law enforcement to use aggressive tactics and calling for military action, saying New York City was lost to looters last night. The president, insisting he has no issue with peaceful protests, but that was assuredly not the case, at least in fact, if not rhetoric hours ago in the nation's capital, when peaceful protesters last night gathering in Lafayette Park across from the White House were tear gassed, and brutally pushed back by shield bearing law enforcement officers, deploying Flash, BANGS and rubber bullets peaceful protesters I again. All of which so president trump could walk across the street and have his photo taken in front of Saint John's Church holding a Bible book, He did not open or read from in a moment. We're going to talk to a priest who was forced to flee from Saint John's yesterday so president trump could stage his photo op at first. Let's go to CNN's Miguel Marquez. WHO's live for us in Saint Paul Minnesota and Miguel? You're at a protest at the State Capitol building. Tell us more. We were here last night there about two or three hundred protesters and I gotTa tell you we're in a five minutes of silence right now. I'm GONNA show you. Take this off. I'M GONNA. Show you how big this crowd is! It is ad. Massive thousands and thousands of people have showed up if if the president thought his photo op yesterday. was going to have an effect. This is the result. Now eight days after the brutal killing of George Floyd still no word on the fate of the other three officers involved in his death, who either helped, hold him down or stood by watching him die. Where everybody that we are looking very carefully, it holding everybody accountable. Who Fail to do their duty as the country grapples with a searing pain of another innocent life ended by police action protests turned violent in many places around the country. Monday some against police in Las Vegas police officer is on life support after being shot in the head during protests on the Strip. At least four police officers were shot in Saint Louis. Their injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening. Some coward fired shots. And and now we have four and hospital thankfully and thank God. Make some sense out of this and a graphic video coming out of the Bronx. and. NYPD sergeants suffered serious injuries. After looters. A black car hit him and took off. That officer survived attack on a police officer is an attack on all of us pure and simple that attack amid absolute chaos in the heart of Manhattan the historic macy's side of the Thanksgiving Day. Parade ransacked police overwhelmed by angry protesters and opportunistic Lueders, sparking this reaction from the governor. It was a disgrace and eleven pm. Curfew in the city that never sleeps considered too late by many today. The mayor changed it to eight PM. We saw stuff last night that we will not accept. And we can fight back and we will fight back, but this afternoon a different scene peaceful demonstrators marching in the big apple towards NYPD headquarters, also today, celebrities and activists using social media for blackout Tuesday posting blank black images to their profiles, but some activists say while well-intentioned Hash tagging these posts black lives matters drowns out critical updates from people on the ground. This young protester, telling us after decades of empty talk of change. This moment feels different. Everybody's tired and everybody's ready for change. White people black people out here. If you look, this is not just black people in this movement, we have white black Asian. Hispanic native everybody is sick of the racism within this system. Gals Marquez brought us that piece, but right now where he is in Saint Paul, they are having a moment of silence, so we are going to. Respect that thank you so much for that report. Miguel has now, let's go. To New York City the curfew in new. York City is going to start earlier at eight PM tonight than it did last night, which was eleven pm. That's of course. After that night of chaos and looting unfolded yesterday as detailed in Miguel's P., seven hundred people were arrested in New York City last night, and at least six New York police officers were injured Luder smashing store fronts across Manhattan Governor Cuomo, putting the blame on his fellow Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the NYPD Cuomo saying that they failed to do their jobs. I am disappointed and outraged at what happened. In New York City last night, the NYPD in the mayor. Did Not do the job a mayor. Underestimates the scope of the problem and the police in New York City. Were not effective at doing their job last night. Period it was a disgrace. Harsh words from Governor Cuomo CNN's Shimon Peres is in New, York and Shimon. You've been walking with protesters since this afternoon. Tell us about what you're seeing. What the experiences like!.

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