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Let's not throw good money after bad. Thanks, Alan. Take care. Have a good day. This Allen from Oakland. I think we've had him on previously. Let's take a break. We have Ah, Couple minutes. What time is it? Yes, we have ah, few minutes for your thoughts on the topics of the day. So grab a line of 312591 18 900. Or was that text mechanize email me if you'd like. Big John at Double D. L sam dot com Traffic Here is John. We've been telling you about the plane crash on route 3 90 for the road has now reopened. That Ah Glenwood dire road where That plane went down about an hour ago. The word we're getting now from our traffic service. Is that the road is now re open. No word on any injuries or fatalities in that plane crash will bring you those details when they become available. South bound on the tri state that the Bensenville Bridge disabled semi. They have just cleared that. So that is good news. Eden's looks good in both directions. Kennedy in from O'Hare, 28. Outbound. It's a 20 minute trip. Eisenhower in from Thorndale, 31. Outbound 30 on the ight crash at Austin on the outbound side, Stevenson in from 3 50. 24 Up on 28 Dan Ryan in from 95th 16. Outbound is 18. That is traffic from the wools and made 90 traffics Speaker. Madigan's lieutenants released portions of a fundraising phone call through scandal. The feds implicated the speaker in a Commonwealth Edison bribery scheme. Rely on your consistent.

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