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Little a little house and so that's what I'm doing is basically kind of a focus of labs is the door if applied for launched on and reassess my life from their road after that to adult want. Su who led the show suffer offer. Because I'm planning on doing ridiculous hours for the next couple of years so reasonable and I personally appreciate the fact that you're willing to admit that and try and leave amicably so that we can continue doing the show and you can continue focusing on what you like. The idea caught your shit know like it. How could it ruins for? Let's see how could it actually read a bridge with you and your son is everything's wonderful. Yeah it's hard. It's hard to you know. Yeah the only way like you. Just gotTa be straight up and honest about it so I think hope people sleep but after calling decided that he wanted to move on which I totally support I try to think about. I needed to find someone to replace him. Because doing a show by yourself isn't nearly as fun and so- replacing someone who has the chops to speak technically on a very broad range of subjects the be critical without being an asshole southern question being able to steer steer conversations in a way that isn't obvious to the listener or the person that you're or the person you're talking to the I guess the qualities that are looking for in a show like this are hard to find and so I thought about who I know that would benefit from doing so. I think this would enjoy. It has the capability of doing it at every stop Dean where work with in some capacity at status because in my opinion he set all of those bills at the same time like immediately after I talked with Dean about this and he. He said he'd like to try doing it. John contacted me and said what the Hell of a pitch on expressing his interest for joining the show too. So basically just all right. Let's bring it in. Have everyone do it? I think spreading the load across multiple people is easier because Colin put it like cello. Call this because it's difficult to carry on doing a podcast for a long period of time if it becomes a burden instead of goal here is the have very qualified people. Continue the show in such a way that doesn't make any significant burden on any individual so debts owed dean was my like. I don't know Jonathan Wasserman chose you only dino's leverage.

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