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Go to radio dot com slash stay connected. Hey, area. Rodent solution. Sponsors this look at KCBS Traffic Cam Vestal, Updating the Altamont Pass. Yes, all eyes on this eastbound 5 80 ride through an out of Livermore. It's still slow. But believe me, it's better than it was. We had an overturned big rig accident That happened during the six o'clock hour this morning. And it's been a grind every since all lanes officially reopened at Grand Line, though as of 2 30 so because it was just so jammed is taking that long to loosen up. But it is loosening up and we've got no delays for your ride through the San Ramon Valley on 6 80 up and down from the Dublin interchange to the Walnut Creek Interchange is just now starting to back up a little bit on North bound 6 80 eastbound 24 where traffic merges into Walnut Creek and typical slowing ahead through conquered on North bound. 2 42 eastbound highway for but no no accidents to report and earlier accident. Richmond Westbound Interstate 80 is clear. Westbound traffic looks great on the shore, and we've got the usual slowing eastbound Interstate 80 should come out of the MacArthur maze that kind of dogs down through Berkeley and then slow in stretches through Richmond and at Penhall. No delays on the car Keenest bridge. And a few brake lights through Valeo eastbound Interstate 80 but nothing unusual. Dis usual afternoon commute Your next update at 3 58 on the traffic leader. KCBS Manzini Sleeper Hold six day forecast. Let's hear about it from K p x five Poul Hagen. Today's weather made it a pleasant start to the first week of August. We do have some changes, though in.

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