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Mister minister hi ladies and gentleman no I mean you're not the music I want to reiterate something said a few weeks ago you want to encourage even beyond the patriotism and there's a lot of it in our pharmaceutical companies I don't I don't hear them attacking forest pharmaceutical companies anymore do you never I don't hear them attacking them anymore why is that now there are friends Johnson and Johnson which produces a lot of things including pharmaceuticals Roche Abbott laboratories while they're coming up with all kinds of stuff they're not even ripping us off so what I've told you for years for years my view is this you want to focus on science then you give every ability for the private sector to come up with therapies and vaccines and that means not just moving regulations out of the way and noticed that's what we have to do regulations that should never been in place when I have to push them out of the way but you give an incentive a national competition the first company that comes up with an effective vaccine they could be used widely throughout the population ten years no federal corporate income taxes you have to pay them all this stuff all the time I think out of the box where we any deficit spend deficit spend deficits but same with therapies companies that come up with therapies that could be used in the short term while the vaccination issues being dealt with ten years no federal corporate income tax it's no skin off our nose ladies and gentleman each spending trillions and trillions of dollars and we don't just need a economic growth the revitalization task force we need people on that task force we're going to consult Gigli.

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