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This moment to share some. Slow you so much Matthew Teitelbaum is the ANAGRAM gun director of the Museum of Fine Arts coming up for opening up the lines and asking you if art the generates controversy should be exempt from censorship or is everything fair game keep your dial on eighty nine seven. Gbh. Boston public radio. Back to Boston Public Radio Jim. Brady jared bone sitting in for Marjorie. If you're just tuning in, we're talking to Matthew Teitelbaum he's director of the MFA about his decision along with other museum directors three others. In fact, postponed a major X. Exhibit of Philip guston's work at issue or paintings that feature cartoonish to collects clan figures doing everyday kinds of things. The Augusta in retrospect was first open I believe in June the National Gallery of art in DC would then move to the MFA in Houston then to the tate modern in London and finally here to the NFL. The directors of the museums released this joint statement. Here's what they said postponing the exhibition until the time at which we think that the powerful message of social and racial justice in Centerville, cousins work can be more clearly interpreted. But now isn't the time as I asked Mr Teitelbaum when our president sympathizing with white supremacists went is the right time to provoke thoughts about racism and white supremacy, a larger issue jars, and we'll take your calls at eight seven, seven, three, zero, one, eighty, nine, seventy one is it ever right to I know matthew? Wouldn't use this term sensor or in this case the. So that there is quote context whatever that means or should art be published. A should be presented and let people draw their own conclusions numbers eight, seven, seven, three, zero, one, eighty, nine, seventy, you're the expert. So what's the answer? Censorship is a word that applies in doesn't apply here as I. Know that I know as Matthew Teitelbaum was just saying. They're taking this time and one thing I did hear from him that I am. Informing, my own decision is he like the other museum directors are listening internally to to what people are saying to make this decision but ultimately, the decision, they have made this to take this this career survey of Philip Guston and delay it until twenty, twenty four so that they can, as they argue, take more time to contextualized. Just, a little backstory of Philip Guston. He is somebody who is a major artist of the twentieth century. He was very politically active, very politically engaged i. think you explained this in your introduction but his images of the Ku Klux Klan are cartoonish. He is not supporting. He was not supporting the Ku Klux Klan..

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