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Nathan, as heartbreaking losses go hard to top what just happened to the Mets in Atlanta, considering much how they needed a win at the end of five game losing streak. They scored in five straight innings. Brandon Nimmo had a grand slam. Francisco Alvarez, homer twice. The Mets led 10 to six in the sixth inning. Back came the Braves. Travis Arno, two -run homer, eighth inning of Drew Smith. Orlando Arce, a game -tying solo shot with one out in the ninth Robertson, 10th inning. Ozzie Albies faced Tommy Hunter. Two on, two out. The pitch. Swing on Washington. Deep right field. Get out of here, Ozzie. Come run. Ball game. You asked for the dagger, Ben. You got the dagger. Look at that celebration at home plate. Yeah, what a party. Sadie the fan. Braves swept the Mets. They won 13 to 10. Yankees and White Sox split two at the stadium. Chicago hit four home runs in the opener, won six to five. Yanks Paul then won three, nothing behind rookie Randy Vasquez. The Yanks will host the struggling Red Sox tonight. We'll see if the Florida Panthers can come back and win the Stanley Cup final. Still trail Vegas two games to one, but win or lose in the series. What Panthers, seated eight, faced elimination three times in the first round against Boston. They were one minute from losing game seven, and last night they were three minutes from falling behind three, nothing in the series. Matthew Kuchuk continued his great playoff with the goal, tying and Carter Verhage scored in overtime. The Panthers won 3 -2. They are 7 -0 in overtime games. NBA Finals tonight also at Miami with Denver leading 2 -1. French Open semi -finals this morning. 36 year Novak old Djokovic, the winner of 22 grand slams versus the 20 year old phenom, Carlos Alcaraz. Thank you, John. 6 -11 on Wall Street. Up next, more analysis on the political impact the of federal charges now against former president Donald Trump will be speaking with Wendy Schiller of Brown University, plus a look at this market now with the S &P back in bull territory. Is it for real? We're check going to in with Liz Ann Saunders, the chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab. Right now S &P futures are down five points. Nasdaq futures up two. From coast to coast, from New York to San Francisco, Boston to Washington, D .C., nationwide on Sirius XM, the Bloomberg Business App and Bloomberg dot com. This is Bloomberg Daybreak. Good morning, I'm Nathan Hager, and we go right back back to our top story of the morning. Federal charges now pending against former President Donald Trump over his handling of classified documents taken from the White House to his home in Mar -a -Lago after his 2020 election loss. This is a development that is sure to upend a 2024 race that the former president continues to dominate even as he faces multiple investigations, including charges already pending in State. New York Let's bring in Wendy Schiller, the director of the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy at Brown University, to get more political analysis of yet another extraordinary development when it comes to the political life of former President Donald Trump. Wendy, good morning. Your reaction, please. Good morning, Nathan. I mean, I'm not totally shocked that he has

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