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That's eight hundred seven one nine five six seven five eight hundred seven one nine five six seven five time six forty eight Amazon workers at the company's Staten Island warehouse are holding another protest against their working conditions a week after a worker who called the first job action was fired the company says he violated a company mandate for quarantine orders he says that wasn't the case he's worked at Amazon's golf Avenue warehouse on Staten Island for the last two years but Jordan flowers wonders if it's worth is helped with the virus not the way Houghton you know having a medical condition if it does we can be more at risk of head unit for the second time in a week workers staged a noontime protest claiming there have been over two dozen cases of corona virus among workers you want the warehouse to be shut down between two weeks well over the decree in a statement Amazon says it has tripled its cleaning protocol and enforces social distancing out all warehouses al Jones ten ten wins news with the growing number of Kobe nineteen cases on Long Island some officials are asking the governor to consider re opening Long Beach Medical Center as a temporary hospital Newsday says state senator Todd Kaminsky and assembly member Missy Miller wrote a letter to the state health commissioner calling Nassau County a battleground in the fight against Kobe nineteen and asked that the Medical Center shot since superstorm sandy be re opened Nassau County has more than fifteen thousand confirmed cases of covert nineteen three hundred and eighty one deaths Suffolk County has more than two hundred deaths wins news time at six fifty one mass transit continues to run round the clock thirty three MTA employees have died of corona virus New York City transit president Sarah Feinberg tells ten ten wins one thousand one hundred and sixty seven employees have tested positive more than fifty six hundred are in quarantine but Feinberg says the schedule stands for now we don't have any any plans to reduce service at this time nothing is evident and amazingly enough the hugely huge tax that our workers we actually added service today the two line and we had really been struggling over the last week to provide good you know good service on the G. line because so many queue line crews at the quarantine and that the work force just absolutely great can work to get it over the last couple of days she says ridership is down by ninety five percent and bridge and tunnel revenue is also down massively Wednesday's times six times the traffic and transit here's Elliot gosh meant that we cleared metro north on the Hudson line we had service.

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