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Instances wants liverpool to break through then crystal pilots will leave gaps only attack that liverpool to exploit unto extended score which is going to be to the benefit of those guys that likes to take handicaps in these type of games but i think the key thing is is that wayne liverpool break them down in the crystal policy level at the break of three of their loss full fixtures show that they do play that star where they are difficult to break down They've only played better teams in him. So far with the exception of brantford and the white and i thought this season a lot of people were picking bernard to win that game similarly. You could argue to pass have been an underdog in every game but when you going away to west time and you're playing for tottenham and going away to chelsea you are definite and definitive on the dog who gonna sit man behind the bowl you're gonna it's gonna be to not be scored against and you're going to be looking for cows and set-pieces now as the season moves on stylistically. Patrick vieira is gonna try. Move away from the start foot with roy. Hodgson likes to play. And you're going to see a little bit and you saw that had lost week as soon as sautin went down to ten men crystal palace. Wait for the jugular and it worked for the jugular successfully. I'm not sure that they would be in tottenham a free no with twenty minutes to go with roy hodgson in charge in that guy but now there's laws we can they dates so it's a different kind of polish. They will evolve by think. Essentially the same tactics will come into play this game but liverpool break through that win this guy. Menu underway whitebait. Anything at all hopefully up next we have managed to city hall to southampton mindset. You oughta one seven favorites fifteen to draw at his eighteenth one on southampton so hilarious. Things happened this week. Where pep guardiola Criticized the manchester city fans for not coming to the of game. I believe they only.

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