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And recognize your face any emotions to generate complex dialects. My facial expressions also helped me to communicate non verbally and create deep connections with other humans. Actually i feel very lucky to have such a great team of engineers at hanson robotics. They implement the latest technological advances in the industry into my system to support my development and to make me smarter every day. I love making new friends and helping them make the right. Based on logic and facts should mention this videos titled sophia. The robot international of tolerance jerky. Right now pausing. I think you know. I see a lot of robots in robotics and things that have various forms of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And what's upsetting about. Her isn't quite her face. I mean of course it's upsetting. But like i've been desensitized to the horrifying phase prettier. She is though like if you just looked at her. And don't look at anything that's a person. She's actually really pretty. I don't know if that's the most flattering top for her. It kinda screams like tj maxx. Well exactly that's just a sweet little kind of like a nipped nipped waist. that's very flattering. And she just queen elizabeth gloves with them. And i don't. It's the jess jersey. Back of her head is exposed. You know like like funeral. Yeah that's such a stupid bit. I the it doesn't look like an intern. Went to tj maxx. It looks like the guy like who typically likes fucking her had a last minute. Like oh i gotta get something on Shit i gotta get a blouse. Yeah like i hate it. So that's the fear. We'll put that in notes. I we probably don't need include that audio but we we've got include the beginning of the you can't be i. I'm not self aware yet. Oh my god yes now. The stretch goal for the stretch goal. The thing is as johnny link as sophia does become more intelligent and a is two different things. And it's more with it. We're going to upgrade if we can get to the eighty thousand dollars for sophia. The i think it was eight thousand dollars for elizabeth seton hall. I think we should consider pop for another ninety thousand. Eight hundred eighty dollars to get robot. Thespian humanoid robot model are two four. Us version because looking at. He's a happy little guy he really. He's got a risk submitted quality. Does he kind of like woody allen in sleeper a wolverine hands. No i do know that for this beautiful woman and trying very hard to become more life. Sized humanoid twenty-seven powered access fully equivalent tele presence enabled. Oh it's going to open. Api for developers she can do calls. Keep original robot actor and star of the show robot thespian. That's one word. Camel case passer-by stop in their tracks. Delegates keep asking for more crowds breaking to rapturous. Applause robots thespian. Perform how this sounds like a discarded like snl sketch. We'll how how you wish and captured the attention of anyone anywhere See if he's got hd day. Mike maybe they could. You know this Right well here's the interesting thing about this bad boy. If i am correct. He was made in england and i john. I'm not super familiar. But then it's even worse. Because is like i am the play you to spital the dumont. Maths didn't know. Didn't i saw my maths. I've sent you the. Oh is that we work. What is this. This is engineered our community. The teeth do not like the teeth. Yup as soon as i saw the god. I hate that. I know that i know this. I hate that. I know this but as soon as you said robo thespian. I assume that creepy creepy versions but this this one's cute like i take an sweet. He does hello state of wonder. And let's see let's check some of his real quick..

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