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They knew what was going on they didn't rush the extrapoint they didn't do anything they they just respected with jay golson was doing he's never seen the world as an adult he's been blind since he was twelve and he's along snapper in the way the trojans celebrated around them western michigan university special teams saluted him they didn't rush and we're worried about blocking it they understood the meaning of that one snap in what it can do not only for him but other people with disabilities and that's what i love about sports it's not scripted it's real jayco soon has been blind since he was twelve i felt pretty good coming in to the show today because i'm reading some really positive vibes jay jay wadan seventeen million herlander talking about his love for the people detroit and going in to houston maybe he can hope that city have a diversion with a deep run if not winning it all schwartz is still a beautiful place i know some of you in austin texas may not agree because here's here's the iranian sports in a talked about fate and destiny and everything else charlie strong who was just ran out of texas and rightfully so it was a good fit and never seemed like a good fit he said south florida and with that schedule they might run the table i don't think they'll have enough to get into the final four they won't have enough big wins leading ugandan temple isn't gonna get you into the final for the big boys even a one law was the boy team in here's tom herman and all the accolades but there was something poulsen since he left houston since he took over that texas job he wasn't the same guy he was at houston he tried to be somebody else and i could sense in feel that he was not going this step in there because of live down in austin texas i did talk radio sports radio there for almost three years the different place man none of this iq you walk into these tradition rich areas you a better bring it early because they they want mac ground gone they want a mac of vic after he won a big full title they wanted him gone and here's herman given a.

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