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People from Fox with me. So I had a very good core of journalists to set us up for a daily broadcast called the no spin news which we do every night. And then the radio syndicator came at me and I always love Paul Harvey, and so I- resurrected the Paul Harvey fifteen minute newscasts every day, and we do that on more than three hundred radio stations every day. So, the combination of radio and television built or audience, I think were the most profitable news internet. Organization in the world. Right now? We, have an enormous amount of people who follow us and pay a fee a small I keep. Very very reasonable. So everybody can come on in. And we have grown grown since January the pandemic started. My company Mr Speaker has gone from five Million Dollar Company to a twenty five million. Dollar Company. In well, what nine months? And it's because. Unlike most television news organizations, we don't have an agenda. You know I'm a traditional Guy Eileen conservative in some issues but I don't have an agenda. I, wrote a book on Donald Trump the United States trump. That is the fairest book on Donald. Trump. I think that's ever been written. And I am not in business to promote any politician or do anything people know that. I had twenty plus years at Fox they were him. So we have been very very successful, but the best thing is that I don't have to work for corporations. So I can do pretty much what I want to do, and that meant a lot to me in my lifestyle. I think that's tremendous. Achieved Because I watch you and we chatted as you were leaving Fox and I watched. You have evolved and it's really very, very impressive. You'RE A. Unique figure in the number of people who would meyer you pay attention to you and their willingness to follow you. That's in a sense. What a remarkable success of your books told us you and I have something in common and I think your listeners should know this. So I've known as speaker. Now for twenty five years, we bleed for our country. I mean Newt Gingrich and Bill o'riley. This is what we have in common we believe. For our country. You may disagree with me you may disagree with Newt Gingrich and that's fine. That's fine. I am so. Emotional. About America and so everything that I do isn't money.

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