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Your wildest. Right. Make I cash in. Talks to God's will you to sandwich in the bathroom to chain? Eighty percent of the audience said, no. Those are the polls. So let's go ahead and open up the club. We send you into the weekend. We've been doing it for years around. Here we send you into the weekend with an assortment of sounds, and it's just sort of remembering the week that was usually. And then when I do it like this for five minute Mike has to find other stuff in the library as well. Let's do it. Stay with us Anka's area. We do it every week every single week. What do you have for the first sound? Who's the first person in the club is how we typically do this. All right. Who's the first person the club? I mean as the call me, Chris karaoke. What did you want to go with their was it, Cody? Oh, cure was it. Carey co Cody carry I mean as the call me, Chris karaoke. We could see you can hear it. You can hear the fear that little gap that little doubt, Chris, and I locked eyes or that little speed bump, and I saw terror. I mean, they used to call me, Chris karaoke, low rector, Cody, oh, kids better. There is not Khodyo Carrio. Choose pretty good anything's better than karaoke Garrett. Jokey? I mean, they used to call me, Chris karaoke wealth in the club. Who switch was that? That yours Billy aghast. That was back when you had confident. Yeah. Those just during that one one moment in time that one sound is the only time you've had confidence. I don't think I could do that. Again. If you ask I'm going to ask you to. Not the baby one. Thank destroyed you and that I smashed. Club. Who is that? Godse swish. Daniel baldwin. Wealth in the club. A good one listener, Mike. It's the only good one. We got. I screen that. Who else in the club, Dan? I don't wanna upset him. But last question, five minutes hands. So if I ask them which celebrity wanted to let die. Why wait a minute. Wait a minute that was wile fair. Grills was listening. Billy asked a five minute question. He got called on. It was the second question of the interview. It was a terrible question. And this is how he defended himself. I don't wanna upset him. But last question to five minutes or so if I ask him which celebrity you wanted to let die. Wow. My question was did you take the elevator because the stairs were broken? Which granted is not a good question. So. Source. Go on. But Rick the quite a number. One question was another one question was Rick Barry. I I cannot tell you how happy stugatz peacock looming. Chest expanding he got taller as he he out fucked. Rick berry at the end of this question was Rick Perry. Go on but Rick. Question was another one question was Rick Barry. It's really neat. Filling time it's still someone told me it came alive. You want me? That is alleged karaoke champion a meal has and getting dusted by Chris Cody in a Cody, okay. Why you want to be? Quilts in the club. My. The young Eric Roberts. People get that. That joke forty times today. I'm not sure the audience. You're up day. Traded Robert Cray until cowboy. Blows out his voice every time. It's in the caudal. And now your sports up day. Any other? Any final thoughts here. Chris you want to close out.

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