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It 4 by 6 or what are the fuk? It was so Dunkirk actually them wrong. So I Max is traditionally kind of like in that 14 by naira nine ratio. Is it is it is square. Like if you go to if you like when when the when the IMAX is done here in Sydney off guard. So what it will be square sprained right with Justice League. That's what they're doing with Justice League because technically the picture is taller. It's not necessarily wider wage and it's like that's kind of like what they're going for. Like, I don't know whether they are post was shot in that way, but tenant was definitely shopping. That way I could be with the IMAX. But yeah for sure. Anyways what I will suck. About it is you know me. I'm usually not a huge fan of war movies, but I think I'm starting to be converted cuz you know how much I fucking love 1917. Sorry, I should not since I know it's a Dunkirk doesn't matter doesn't matter up. The point is I fucking love The Outpost I thought good right? I thought the way they shot the action scenes but some of the best like shootouts found in a campaign. Did you like did you notice what I like what I said in my review. I'm like there is like probably like half an hour of just Unstoppable like Joe sound of the bullets whizzing by like that doesn't start for a whole half-hour nominal. I got that final war sort of saying It's incredible. It may be one of the best war scenes. I have sinned. It's some terms of like like no one cared of this movie too. Yeah, it's weird, right? Yeah, like I I couldn't tell you why man but it was so good. The the action was so good. You feel like you're in the shit. They use like these long takes that really like did it justice home at one point. I remember thinking is like, I wish Star Wars War scenes were like this. Yeah, like I wish it was like that. It's it's that that's that's so good. And I also liked how all the characters were given. It's just enough to make them really horrible like like memorable three-dimensional enough like you see them like they spent way too much time with every character but they give you just enough Faith give you just a bunch of the Insight. So when they die it matters, yeah. My favorite was Caleb Landry Jones who's the guy that at the start he brings them m o m Yeah, he's the guy wearing the lab machine gun hammer, and he's kind of like in like what is in like shorts? Yeah, I expect to him him to be such a big part of the film. But yeah, but that's cool what it was. Yeah, it's not how you'd expect to be like a main character. Most of the characters are kind of off to the side sometimes but even more interesting, I don't know if I like Eastwood, I think he was turning on like a little bit Home Source like, you know, like in the face it feels like he was still in Fast & Furious like sometimes some of his lines were just a bit like little wink-wink-nudge-nudge kind of thing, but I don't know like maybe ther was a little bit of like Hollywood next to it. But I think that's what helped me enjoy it to be honest. Like, you know me. I kind of like that very night sometimes yeah wage comes to like at least a blockbuster shit. I can I like it now. I feel like if they did any more of it, it would have been too much cuz you gotta treat this shit with some seriousness to it off. It was a real thing, but I don't know. It was a I had a lot of fun with it. I think at the end of the day. It's it's cool. Well, they took this real story and kind of made it like popcorn friendly. Makes sense. Yeah. I still like it was still heavy. It's still held a lot of the values that a lot of military films hold in that they do take the The Source material not Source material, but the actual event seriously and I thought it was it was an incredibly effective. I thought so. Yeah. I know it's let's move on to some news real quick for your trailers. I was wanted to bring this up more so foul non American audience who may find this interesting cuz America's probably sick to death of quit e as I have from your experience. What do you think? What's your relationship could be. Do you know much about it only from what I've heard and read in the news. I haven't used a personally or anything like that, but I mean dead. Kind of a dumb concept to be honest. Like I just I'm not I'm not surprised that it went. What is it bankrupt or do they get sold their? No. No, they're shutting it down. They can't long. It's been around for less than six months. Yes streaming service for those who don't I will I'll give you a little bit of back story because here's my personal connection to creepy. I'm the only Australian I know who age description to it. Yeah. I I was really interested with the idea of what did you take a poll? My I took a I did I did a free 3-month trial and off and I didn't cancel it in time and they charged me for a month and then I canceled it. Oh you you contributed to the Jeffrey katzenberg Islip. For drugs? Yeah, but I I was just interested in it cuz I'd be like looking on the web Series this year for my own personal projects. And when I found out there's a streaming service that's tailored towards phones that are focused on ten minute episode. That caught my attention and I thought look this is probably going to fail really hard. But the fact that it's a thing has my interest for those who don't know. We be off a quick bite. The idea of the concept was it was a streaming service that you could only using your phone which was its biggest criticism. They went back on that pretty early and they spent literally billions of dollars game. Literally every celebrity you can think of has a show on there the latest season of what's that prank show that Ashton Kutcher used to have punk songs on that punk had a season on their way Kevin hot Ashoka die heart fucking what's the name and Kendrick Kendrick? I'm pretty sure I had a show on there. There's so many celebrities had shows on there and no one watched any of them. I'm curious what's going to happen to their shows now, but yeah this started during the coronavirus and adjourn coronavirus at twenty twenty. This is probably the shortest life span with them. Is saying for streaming service and it lasted less Long than Yahoo screen. Which denotes that is that was it was Community season 6 was exclusive to it when Community finished so did the platform. Well, yeah so quickly after that. Yeah. I'm surprised YouTube Red isn't gone yet, but you'll get the now the carpet guys and Netflix. It's like, why does this is a dumb idea? I mean like I don't like those an episode of Fatman beyond what Kevin Smith is being explained what could be is by my father and his just like so it's like ten minute long like like it's a it's an app for like ten minute long life videos. It's just like it's like we have YouTube for this we are we had this for like ten years already, but you can also like you can get Netflix on your priority can get stand on your phone. You.

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