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The only one other knew who thought that was funny was James Kelly. So when I say that, trust me, it's not I really have to go to the trouble of throwing out a moratorium on two been reset. Big head. If you text me you're fired, ma'am. I'm kidding. Don't do it, Dude, it's not worth it. Head. I get it goes right out. The pattern is full, negative Ghost Rider. It's not worth it. You got something to say to me, Kelly said to my face come into the studio. Hell, Kelly come into the state even Come into the country. James Kelly with how are you anyway? Stuck nuts in Quote. He wasn't fishing on boats. Okay, Tough guy. He was fishing on a boat side. Eric in Orlando. Okay, Matt. Official about a boat. Do that again. Don't fish on boats. Okay, Mad. Fish on a boat. A boat got that jerk. Tell you something. A whole little fish on boats. All right, A fish on a boat. I don't fish on, folks. Okay, Matt. Official on a goddamn Matt. Michael Chandler. Coming up next. Our open phones to start our two Don't go anywhere. run out baseball. You could write out tennis. You can rain out golf, but you cannot rein out life sometimes, no matter how hard it's coming down out there. You've got to get in your car, brave the elements and get to the people who.

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