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Welcome back here to oracle park. It's effort Cisco where spring training has come to an end and a wet and tarp is on the field. The rest of this game called the final score six full innings the as change for the two days plumbing. John Miller back with you for just a final few moments. And now we can start the countdown to opening day in San Diego giants and all of us will travel down tomorrow to get ready for opening day at Petco park on Thursday afternoon as we sign off here tonight. John, I don't know if you have any final thoughts from this spring camp as a whole I think the giants were believing that the number one thing that happened for this team was that they came out of spring training so relatively healthy. Now. Hopefully that MAC Williamson news will be good news at the end of this game. He right at the end of this game. Got. Hit by pitch and his right hand. So hopefully that is good news. But overall, maybe that's the number one takeaway from the giants in such stark contrast to last year and even a year prior the giants have a full complement of healthy players as they began the season. Well for most of the spring, the news was especially good surrounding the pitching staff people stayed healthy. And there was a question about. Jessica Marga coming back from an injury plagued year. The first time we saw him. He was regularly lighting up the radar gun anywhere from ninety ninety two to ninety five miles an hour. And however that is not what we saw from him tonight tonight. The fastballs were generally ninety ninety one miles an hour. And he also was not very sharp. So whether it was just. You know, maybe a lack of focus because it's just a tune-up getting ready for the real deal. Or if that's an issue if the stuff is is not yet there, but we'll find out soon enough when he makes his first start perhaps in San Diego this weekend. Maybe it's early as Sunday. But anyway. Otherwise, I think the giants should've felt like pitching staff looks to be a real source of strength for this team this year, which the the good giants teams. That's always been the case. And they also did not hit the ball real. Well, but BUSTER Posey, no ill-effects after the surgery to repair his hip and. And so that was all good news and for the giants infield, especially belt. Looking better. And then he then he looked in terms of just his physique. Looks to be in great shape and perfectly healthy, Joe panic took off weight and Joe panic also. With those agility drills covering more ground, reminding us of his gold glove seasons. And Brandon Crawford who admitted that he was hurting had some injury problems that plagued him the second half of last year. He looked excellent and longoria throwing the ball better than I really at any time last year at third base looking great as well. So and Stephen Doug, I think did everything that they had hoped they th that he would do it as a in center field. So he looks ready to go to the question is about the core the corner outfielders, where's the power gonna come from? And and so that's. Remains to be seen. Because nobody really stepped forward. I think they were. There was hope that MAC Williamson go do this spring when he did last spring. With his his new approach and whatnot. Before the concussion waylaid his season. But we never saw that MAC William shin- really at anytime. He at one home run over in Maryvale one day over the centerfield wall. And that was it. So and he had more plate appearances than anybody else. So. So we'll we'll see there. But the giants have thirty players remaining they have to make five cutch before they get ready for the opener in San Diego. And it it could be five position players or four position players in one pitcher depends on whether they'll go with twelve pitchers or thirteen and that's those are the decisions that they'll have to make. And are there other new faces that might come into the fold? Four hundred eighty he's been very very busy with the people being placed on waivers and and designated for assignment and whatnot is teams have been paring down their rosters for the past several days. So anyway. If your four hundred ninety. This is an action filled time is as the chance get ready to to put their twenty five man roster out there could be a late night in giants front office. It's possible. Indeed. There could be conversations happening as we speak. So we'll find out a lot. I would think in the next twenty four hours. And then we kick it off in San Diego. Indeed. And along those lines. As we are getting ready to sign it off. Mark Melanson who would have pitched in ending tonight. Now the game has been knocked called off after six innings. He has gone out warmed up in the outfield. And now he's in the bullpen with Kurt young the pitching coach. And and he's going to throw a bullpen session out there to get his work in and and even from Milan the veteran who is brought it here to be the giants closure and experience closer and a good one. But he's had two Shays Israeli that were short-circuited by injury. And. Even he would not be guaranteed a job. He's got a guaranteed contract. But so for him. I think this is kind of a disappointment not to get in to this ball game tonight. But so he'll get his working out of the bullpen. A wet bullpen mound at that. But he's out there doing it. And and he'll get that work in and head back into the clubhouse where the rest of the giants are packing up their stuff and getting ready to travel tomorrow to San Diego, spring training two thousand nineteen is over interrupted in the end by rain. 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