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The French government's digital services tax in July the French Senate approved a three percent levy that will apply to revenue from digital services earned in France by companies with more than twenty five million euros and French revenue and seven hundred fifty million euros worldwide Amazon says more than ten thousand French based small and medium size businesses are selling on Amazon's online store and notify them that certain fees will increase by three percent for sales made on Amazon dot FOR starting October first crazy has been awarded a six hundred million dollar contract to build a super computer for the the national nuclear security administration the supercomputer will be the fastest known in the world and that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news well the day on Wall Street is just in free fall as the Dow has plunged well at times over seven hundred points because the the bond market flashing what is a recall the recession warning a so called yield curve in version that usually has been an indicator of past recessions right now the Dow is this hard to believe but it's actually improved its down five hundred ninety five points also on the other indices right now the nasdaq is down two hundred five and a half and the S. and P. five hundred down sixty eight points that your propellants or its business update honey I switch the family to boost mobile and we got so much more like what well we got for free LG stylo five phones four lines for a hundred dollars a month I smashed up the car and unlimited kicks wait did you say you smashed up the car yes it's completely smashed but for free phones which to boost to get four lines for one hundred.

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