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We should do this episode though. Clap pop I beat you to it did now. I gotTa do it again. We dental chill. Okay Redan Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of John. Fiction with you some readers out. There may look down on you for your love of Horse Scifi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. Hi John Rich uncles. This is Sandra and this is Scott. And you're looking forward to one of the most buckwald editing situations. I am ever going to put myself into. Yeah because tonight is a very special episode of Jonah Junkies. That's right. We are reviewing a very special book with two very special friends from the Spooky Slumber Party. So we're we're probably going to air this episode on bull channels. Yeah yes this is also one episode of the Spooky Slumber Party so I guess you guys introduce yourselves to.

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