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More Mr Lice Guy hold on Laos as what skews. Km signers David has been begging the guy to call it no more Mr Lice Guy. That's yeah because like I got my business got. Yeah all that much business which I could understand. You know. It's a business where you're like. I'm getting A. She was asking me if I if I wanted to. Joe I mean a wet petty or dry one dry I think. Oh I'm sorry. Let me do. Dry One yeah. I'm I'm so sorry about that and you just go. I'll setup. Did you see when it was the greatest thing I've ever seen when Rita Wilson was just simply tweeting my hair and makeup of not arrived yet before the Golden Globes. My Hair's not hanging upside here. No one's here where are they? She tweeted a picture of herself in the driveway. Just looking she did. Yes unless I imagined that but but I want with hair. That was terrifying. And where were they? Where were they? Read a Wilson. Yeah she's sitting front row absolutely the fact that she took to the boards with that was divine. There's really you know her. Performance mix nuts is one of my favorite comedic performances of all times. I know that nobody ever. Nobody seen the movie. But it's it's one mixed nuts really is of course. It's one of my favorite Christmas. She's great she's so good when she has this Christmas lights in is trying to untangle them. It's one of the best physical comedic performances. I've ever seen see well. Welcome to that'll Dan. I'm happy to be here. I'm sorry I missed Janelle but I'm happy to be here and I'm glad I could bring my services really off. His relatable here at the top June is drinking with foils on a diet. Sunkist June. So happy to have you we have. We have three cities to chat about anything else. Before we get into it going on your life you wanNA share with listeners. Hush House Jane Club going Jane Clubs Great As Casey said a lot goes on their people are multitasking in ways. That are I bring a yield doctor? There I'd like let a doctor's there every mainly worst business. Yeah Yeah Yeah I mean. People are mainly working but getting other things done you know I saw today took a pilates class. Today I had my son in Broadway. Babies Amazing so cute. Yeah no it's all going. Swimmingly wanted deaf. I WanNa Dima workspace largely FEMA works but yes. I'm so sorry yes I am assuming that always talked about are the bunch no but the gene club is a UH space in in Larchmont and it is We call the mother of all workspaces because as you can tell a lot of things done under our roof We have pilates classes. Toenail wasn't describing it. My toenails are being clipped. Tom With grandma and I'm sorry. Go on and yet. We have child care fulltime childcare and we are really there to support mothers and parents as they try to transition into parenthood or are in parenthood and need the entire village of Amenities and really an amazing community. That is really special. It's really just so special such a special place to work. Yes I go every single day. I love it. Yes and you're a bitch session listeners. If they mention in Jane Club application on Instagram you can go on. You can go on our website and apply to become a gene if you live in. La We also have traveling memberships and community memberships seat might be interested in but all bitch session. Listeners will get fifteen percent off their members. I mention Now we I wonder if what is should be I was GONNA say. Don't take that on. Yes they mentioned. Don't take it on okay. But global has now we have because. Take Your Radio Nerd at it here. I guess I got one. Do you want okay. It's June he must. Do you want me to go. Get the door shoes. This is too much now. God you're lovely manicures that door een I wish I wish anyone catch it. Did anyone catch me? I didn't and so now anyone know engineer. Who We left down here with manicures for a long time. I we watched my.

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