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Bribery case has been arraigned in L A federal court wearing a white long sleeved sweater and black frame glasses. Laurie Lachlan appeared calm with their arms crossed the. She was before magistrate Steve Kim answering. Yes. In a clear voice talk questions Petur. But when it came time to determine the conditions of bail and release the complications attorney sported out she has several contract film production. She's working on in British Columbia through November agreement was reached to lower to keep her passport to be able to travel to Canada for work available out of a million dollars was agreed upon the same as her husband most Somogyi newly with a real property put up for the appearance bond being the couple's home in Newport Beach, her next court appearance will be at Boston federal court on March twenty ninth along with the other defendants in the case at the Royal ball federal building, Pete Demetrio. Okay. Next, ten seventy NewsRadio. One daughter of Laughlin Spencer last night on a Yaas owned by the chairman of the board of trustees. It's according to TMZ Olivia Jade is a friend of Gina Caruso, whose father is Rick Caruso, walls, lock was traveling from Vancouver to surrender to federal authorities. Her daughter was celebrating spring break in the Bahamas after the scandal broke, she decided to leave the boats and return home this scandal. Further exposes the well known problem of series corruption in college sports, many of the immediate casualties in this scandal, or coaches and School Athletic department officials who were quickly fired after their arrests Michael sokoll, obviously, author of the last temptation of Rick Pitino a story of corruption scandal in the big business of college basketball. He knows all about college sports scandals. But even he was shocked by the magnitude of this, you know, whoever imagined a water polo coach who would alleged here taking bribes or a tennis coach or sailing coach. You don't have to say that I've written about. College sports for many years now and I'm not easily shocked. I found this shocking. Locally at least four people at USC athletics were among the many arrested in the scandal. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio they've grounded the max travelers out of LAX are saying what took so long more in two minutes.

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