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Congressman, I'm not trying to be unhelpful here. I just cannot talk. I understand, but I mean becoming my time as the death certificate says it was a homicide. Who executed actually battered Congressman. I'm just gonna have to say the same thing here that I don't want to get into the back. Congratulations. Thank you very much. Appreciate it without accurate answers. Conspiracies continue to form. 33 of my Democratic colleagues even wildly, speculated that Republican members of Congress gave reconnaissance tours. Protesters offering no proof whatsoever. I've repeatedly asked for the capital footage from before and during January six. Such footage would provide answers could contain exculpatory evidence regarding the outrageous accusations against members of Congress. Most importantly, exonerate the many Americans to peacefully protest it and never set foot in the capital. Mr Rosen, wouldn't you agree that the security heritage of a public building off public officials paid for by public taxpayers potentially containing exculpatory evidence should be provided to public defenders? Congressman, I'm just going to have to refer to my opening remarks again there, sir. I just I have to do And I believe the American public should see that footage. If my Democratic colleagues really want the truth, they would join me and demanding the release of these capital surveillance footage on and the proceedings January six. Okay, that, of course, Congressman ghosts are going after Jeff Rosen, who had not a single answer to any of the trench, and questions of the congressman asked him not a single one A review those for you coming up in a couple minutes Plus, we move forward with the W craft clown car. Now keeping you connected with the latest views. This is talk radio 6, 80, Wcbm and wcbm calm. Belly.

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