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Podcast. Yes as of the day of this recording we all of us on the same planet or dealing with a global pandemic is it real or is it a a man made creation or is it just nature kicking our ass. Who the fuck really knows at this point look into it regardless of the cause and regardless of the reality of the situation the uncertainty of where we are in now and we're going in all aspects of society the economy health freedom loss is a little bit scary not scary and beyond self control and social function yet but still a little scary. My guess is episode. Is Brilliantly funny comedian from Italy. John Vincent no relation? John Lives in Milan. Italy as most of you know at the date of this recording Italy is currently the country the most coveted nineteen deaths it is also the very first European country to experience a major outbreak. Italy is also currently on a countrywide forced quarantine so of course. Our CONVERSATION REVOLVES AROUND COVE. Nineteen and his experiences living in an outbreak. Hotspot so I hope that will give some insight to Where a lot of getting ready to head to right now is that expands here in this country here in America also a small warning of sorts. I have long avoided online interview recordings because I liked the best possible sound quality. I can get and I feel. There is a less of a connection between the guest and the host when you do the online interviews But of course now we have a worldwide pandemic that we're all dealing with in booking in studio guests is not a luxury that I currently have. That said please excuse the sound quality of the interview segment. It's still pretty good. Just not as good as what? I'm what you're accustomed to. Probably listening to this podcast. Also I am recording with video so I can connect with the guest better than just Ah by the phone interview alone but again. My standards are always very high so again. My apologies Real fast Let me mention the sponsor of the filter free America podcast. That is simple website dot. Us simple website dot US simple website dot us. If you're interested in building a website on the squarespace website builder and you need some help doing it or if you just like somebody to do it completely fauria. Simple website are the people to turn to That is what they do. They have mastered the art of building websites on simple website dot. Us and they want to share those skills and talents with you. All you have to do is contact them. It's simple website dot. Us let them know what kind of websites you want to build What you wanted to do how you want to look and they'd be more than happy to do that. Chore for Ya and they're going to do really really well. If you need to see an example of of a website that they built these go to filter free America Dot Com filter free America. America always intentionally misspell with the letter. K DOT COM and. Check out the website that they built for us here the podcast that they currently maintain four us. Also please take time to subscribe rate in review the filthy America podcasts wherever you're listening to it Expressly if you're on itunes. That would be just lovely if you would do that. Always very helpful. So let's kick off the episode. We got title for this one. Pretty easy one to title. Here we'RE GONNA call this one surviving the Cova nineteen pandemic in Milan Italy. That that's perfect. That's what the whole episodes about right there So here we go with kick it off surviving the Cova nineteen pandemic in Milan Italy with my good friend and comedian. John Vincent right here on Filter Free America..

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