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The governor police rights as an enormous booster of all colorado products and our state as a whole an enormous booster will. Then why did you issue a proclamation. Seemingly taking sides urging us to eat plant based products only on up march twentieth. Oh addresses that as well as it goes on the piece goes on. I'm excited to see the grassroots movement. That my reason proclamation help generate in support and promotion of colorado beef products. Oh i get it governor. So that was your intent all along to energize and invigorate support of agriculture. Now it seems to me. There's a little bit now. There's a lot of bit of a spin going on here making lemons out of lemonade. I don't think that the governor's office expected the blowback that he'd be getting not only within the state as a twenty six counties across the state have declared march twentieth meet in day by any other name their sub really clever names out there as you know following welds weld county the weld county commissioners doing the same declaring ranching and agriculture day. Meet in day in colorado in response to the governor's proclamation. But no let's just say it's extended across state boundaries. As you've had a not only and i asked this question the other day and was so happy to find that not only did nebraska rail against this proclamation by governor jared police as you had nebraska governor pete ricketts declaring in support of colorado ranchers agriculture declaring meat on the menu. Day this saturday. In nebraska and wyoming did something similar as well basically showing its support for agriculture and the livestock industry not only in the state but across the country but again and i asked this of weld county commissioner scott james this morning as well. The apology tour continues for this ill-fated a proclamation again. Don't get me wrong. i'm not saying oh you must only eat this and not that. Isn't there a book by that name now. I would never be presumptuous to tell you what you should eat. That's up to you entirely while your doctor might have some say in the matter as well but Yeah i'm not gonna sit here and say to you. You have to eat beef on meet in friday. If you're not a beef eater that's totally up to you but i. There's just a contradiction. There's a little bit of cognitive dissonance going on here when you have the governor of the state of colorado taking a chunk out of its most lucrative industries in terms of the state economies and in this latest piece saying well.

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