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Like like i don't care about that just tell me what you're doing tommy hire fixing pains get to your point i i i hear it just be an so you i knew i hear it i i get that i get that but there are a lot of people that are really july and with his profar my gosh overwhelmingly honor page people were like this is the greatest passer have her and it's an iger fashion and i think it's because of their with the reasons that you know i'm saying and that's because he is refreshingly on us and open and excessive all like you say and very different than what anybody is ever seen before which is why he was selected which is why people voted for hand right tight as i hope that in all of the bluster there is some i just i just worry admit he gets to talking in his circular way so much that he's not actually hitting on issues the people really need to know about he's so busy focusing is higher and you know trying to be the the big i like it over the news media and he's trying to you know todd of any sit down shut up you're not your fake news that sometimes he's missing important questions that people would you need to know the answers to and so i just worry about that i in needs to be tempered unlike maybe more i don't know i i couldn't even listen to after awhile because i was just like wow you to so not really say anything i think he had a case and some stuff i think he still getting as president minds okay about three weeks for for an easy still get his president legs give him a couple more weeks maybe even a couple more minutes and hell get there he starting to get the hanging us there were points where i felt like mildly reassured because all of the headlines have been screaming lately i'm i done everything is in chaos and turmoil in everything is off and that could be one of the reasons that he this i'm defense yeah and i'm not that that's all he gets from the media that's all he gets in the what can you imagine being in his position right now i think he is probably the most net picked pride with out of town in history and i did you know and and that's what i mean when i say that i was mildly reassured.

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