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Thing have you set up to. Do you know. I'm begs that speech. We sent a teleprompter. Matinee have gotten earthy details. I was just speaking from really. It was a very emotional time for. Did you see me said goodbye to my family before. I left for his helicopter. You mean when eric air kissed you did. It seem to lack some sincerity given the followed you onto the helicopter. You must have more questions. It is a french president. donald trump. Okay i guess. I have one mr president. Tony romo with abc news. Thank so much embiid. Last night did was extra. Yeah at the farewell event you created for yourself at andrews air force base your supporters chanted. We love you and thank you trump over and over at length no. I couldn't help. Thinking of television movie starring christie macnichol where her brother is rescued from a cult. And while they're trying to de program he keeps going into a trance by shouting father father. You aware that repeating false reality colt tactic. Are you aware that every channels aries. It's in what house. And i have never seen such christie macnichol movie. You fucking pizza. Delivery boy enemy of the people mr president. Respectfully i do not now. I have never delivered pizza. Not everybody named tony does. I'm proud to be a member of the press corps which is not the enemy of the people but a vital part of a healthy democracy. West sank you. Clark kent cannot have been reintroduced john. Okay all right all right Candy lagman again from the new york attitude. Why did you say in your remarks that you will see the white house press again. I'm grooming a rake for residents. I'm just grooming him his house. Okay but why did you say you would see the white house press again. You also said we will be back in some form without the gelatinous mass. Like an alien life form. Is that true resolute. Back as the gelatinous mass fuck is wrong with you onto. Even i might be able to build more money from cult. I mean if they sink. I am coming back cannot have another question. Is your last johnson before you get another jones all right. This is emmett manning from new york newsday. You said that you would never look across the table from one. Another in florida and say well. Maybe we have worked harder. You said you can't work harder during your four years in office. You play golf for over three hundred times. It seems like it might have been possible to work harder. You also had executive time filling the morning on your official schedule executive time which was revealed to be watching television. That's literally thousands of hours of watching television and yet we're supposed to believe that you never so that christie macnichol movie about the brother in the colts. I spent many hours watching documentaries about your mother's what emmett manang. My mother's twad sir has not been and will never be. Your refuge from justice cannot have another question. Jimmy tingle with the boston accent. Mr president even president nixon was able to reflect on his mistakes. Are you at all chasing chess. Bank they will not learn to ma because a donut were busy. They don't just say it mr president. You don't repay the loans right. What kind of press conference is this. This a don't repairs alone. I can't say why you say it. I just knows it say it. Do you repay the loans. No but i do not know if sets was there won't loan to more. I cannot speak to motive always remember that. Anyway sir i said recent are you an all chastened i hate..

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