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Yet to be completely under control. We're hearing from the Washington State trooper who risked his own life by stopping his patrol car in the path of a suspected drunk driver. Super Alan Dixon tells Cairo 70 ve It reminds me of why I do this job and why I will continue to do this job very thankful that it was me rather than done someone else. He's recovering at home after being hit head on in that D U I crash last week in Kiss up County. With a break in the rain. You may be able to see the northern lights tonight. The National Weather Service tells us the activity will peak in the early morning tomorrow. Time for Cabe, already a real time traffic. Here's Tracy Taylor. So we're watching this incident happening on a cell phone E five hits the ramp to 250, which explains your lineup from 20th and heading out that direction service heading north bound, are looking at it in or at least looking at the action happening in the South bound direction, which explains the lineup, leaving 145th and shoreline. It's busy as we get closer to highway too. You will find some slowing on north and four or five just after 85th and Kirkland south and for apply pretty locked up outside of Bellevue and continuing in a new castle. And I was just checking the cameras through to coma. Yeah, Busy drive on highway actually, from highway 18 heading out towards 54th and five Valley freeways, Little touch and go outside of highway 18 into parts of Pacific 5 12 a little slower right around the South Hill mall, but your travel times we're actually in pretty reasonable shape. If you're going from Olympia to Tacoma, take a half an hour 32 minutes now from Tacoma to Olympia. Traffic is brought to you by fix auto centers. A traffic accident could be a real headache. So let's fix auto collision centers Help fix Otto Has locations throughout the greater Seattle area. Call 800 impose fixed to find locations nearest you. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. You're Cairo Radio forecast calls for sunshine today with highs in the low seventy's right now it's 71 in downtown Seattle. I'm Heather Bosch for election coverage. Hope it updates, local news and opinion. Download the Cairo radio APP. Cairo radio here for what's next.

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