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Basically the racism uh that took place their hatred that took place in charlottesville over the weekend um you know along with pretty much all of the racism going on in this country miss everywhere is fuelled by a white men despising that the card dashing ends are transforming their white children come into fake your seats in an effort to fuck man black man specifically um when donald trump says make america great again when he is truly saying is um let's get our women back from negative makers and we've got to do something about these kardashians and their implants there nothing but nigger lovers and they want for our kids to be nigger lovers uh let me see if i missed anything bad i am not think this a pretty decent racism is actually not the white man verses of the black man but truly the white man verses that this thing called hip hop okay because it's a beautiful thing all right leno i've got it was gummy foolish at first i wanna use caitlyn's dead name i was like this is going down thrive automatically going to be garbage and then it turns into this explanation of like you really think why boys went down to lows and rated them nick is foty tiki torches and showed up at night polos in khakis because of whoever the car dash inns are leading into their pussies is that really what you think first of all i ever do is actually global charlottesville and you will find the reason for the hall fucking story it's actually all laid out right there across several reputable news source if there's no reason to think that why people are rising up and riding because the kardashians enjoy black dick what will serve gardez is just the only one willing to say it.

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